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Telerik.WinControls.Spreadsheet.UI Namespace
Public structureColor
Describes a color in terms of alpha, red, green, and blue channels.
Public structureFontStyle
Defines a structure that represents the style of a font face as normal, italic, or oblique.
Public structureFontWeight
Refers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.
Public structurePageRange
Specifies a range of pages.
Public structurePoint
Public structureRect
Public structureSize
Public structureThickness
Public structureVector
Public interfaceIPaintingContext
Public enumerationBitmapCreateOptions
Public enumerationDispatcherPriority
Public enumerationFillRule
Public enumerationFlowDirection
Defines constants that specify the content flow direction for text and user interface (UI) elements. 
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Indicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element.
Public enumerationLineStackingStrategy
Public enumerationScrollBarVisibility
Public enumerationStretch
Public enumerationTextAlignment
Public enumerationValidationErrorEventAction
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment