Telerik.WinControls.Layouts Namespace
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Telerik.WinControls.Layouts Namespace
Public classBoxLayout
Represents the BoxLayout class
Public classCollapsibleElement
Defines methods and properties for a collapsible element. For example, RadRibonBarChunk is a collapsible element.
Public classContextLayoutManager
Public classDockLayoutPanel
Layout panel which docks its children to the sides of the area it contains
Public classElementWithCaptionLayoutPanel
ElementWithCaptionLayoutPanel is a container for elements with a caption.
Public classGridLayout
Represents layout container which implements column and row span and different column and row sizing modes - proportional, fixed, and auto.
Public classGridLayoutColumn
Represents GridLayout column.
Public classGridLayoutElement
Represents base class for GridLayout element.
Public classGridLayoutRow
Represents GridLayout row.
Public classImageAndTextLayoutPanel
Represents a panel with two children an image element and a text element
Public classLayoutPanel
Represents a base class for all layout panels. Layout panels are RadElements. They are the elements in the control tree responsible for the layout of primitives. Layout panels determine the position and size of the primitives inside them. Because panels are RadElements, panels can be nested thus providing an arbitrary complex layout.
Public classSizeChangedInfo
Public classStackLayoutPanel

Layout panel is a container for other elements. It orders the contained elements as a stack vertically or horizontally. When the elements pass through the left end of the stacklayout, the last one is put on a new line. If horizontal is chosen the width of all elements is the width of the largest element in the column.

Public classUniformGrid
Public structureRadMatrix
Represents a light-weight 3*3 Matrix to be used for GDI+ transformations.
Public interfaceIBoxElement
Defines properties for the box-model; Elements are nodes of a tree, and a rectangular box is generated for each element.
Public interfaceICollapsibleElement
Defines methods and properties for a calapsible element. For example, RadRibonBarChunk is a collapsible element.
Public interfaceILayoutEngine
Defines properties and methods for the default layout engine.
Public interfaceILayoutHandler
Public interfaceILayoutManager
Public interfaceIRadLayoutElement
Defines basic methods for Telerik layout architecture. Since all layout panels update their layout automatically through events, this functions are rarely used directly.
Public interfaceIScrollViewer

Content within a user interface is often larger than the visible area that the user can see. Large Telerik elements can be put in scroll viewer in order to scroll their content in small visible area.

Every element that support scrolling must implement this interface. Currently only class RadScrollViewer implements this interface and all Telerik elements that can be scrolled inherit that class.

Public delegateLayoutCallback
Public enumerationBoxLayoutStripPosition
represents StripPosition enumeration
Public enumerationDock
Represents the different positions where an item can be docked
Public enumerationGridLayoutSizingType
GridLayout sizing type options.