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Telerik.WinControls Namespace
Public classAndFilter
Public classAnimatedPropertySetting
Represets an animated property setting
Public classAnimationStatusEventArgs
Contains information about the way Animation has finished
Public classAnimationValueBoolCalculator
Calculates int values for property animation.
Public classAnimationValueCalculator
Calculates values used in each frame of property animation. Also supports converting animation step values to and from a string for theme serialization.
Public classAnimationValueCalculatorFactory
Represents a map of CLR types and corresponding AnimationValueCalculator type using when property animation is running and for animations serialization in themes.
Public classAnimationValueColorCalculator
Animates color values using ColorAnimationStep objects.
Public classAnimationValueDoubleCalculator
Calculates double values for the property animation.
Public classAnimationValueFloatCalculator
Calculates float values for the property animation.
Public classAnimationValueFontCalculator
Calculates Font values for property animation, using FontAnimationStep values.
Public classAnimationValueIntCalculator
Calculates int values for property animation.
Public classAnimationValuePaddingCalculator
Calculates animation rectangle values.
Public classAnimationValuePointCalculator
Represents a value point animation calculator.
Public classAnimationValuePointFCalculator
Represents a value point animation calculator using floating point values.
Public classAnimationValueRectangleCalculator
Calculates animation rectangle values.
Public classAnimationValueSizeCalculator
Represents a value size animation calculator.
Public classAnimationValueSizeFCalculator
Represents a value size animation calculator using floating point values.
Public classAutoSizeEventArgs
Public classBaseDataFilterNodeElement
Public classChamferedRectShape
Represents a rectangle with chamfered corners.
Public classChildrenChangedEventArgs
Public classCircleShape
Public classClassSelector
Represents a class selector. Class selectors are used to apply the same customization to all elements that belong to the same class. This behavior is very similar to that of the CSS class selectors.
Public classClientUtils
Public classCollectionChangedEventArgs
Represents event data for the CollectionChanged event.
Public classColorAnimationStep
Public classColorAnimationStepConverter
Public classColorChangedEventArgs
Represent the ColorChangedEventArgs class
Public classColorDialogEventArgs
Public classComplexCondition
ComplexCondition evaluates two conditions related with a binary operator. Inherits Condition
Public classComponentBehavior
Public classComponentInputBehavior
Public classComponentThemableElementTree
Public classCompositeFilter
Public classCondition
Defines a base abstract class that describes a condition which checks when to apply a style rule. SimpleCondition evaluates when a property of an Element equals a certain value. RoutedEventCondition evaluates if a routed event is currently tunneling/bubbling through an Element. ComplexCondition evaluates two conditions related with a binary operator.
Public classControlHelper
Encapsulates common mothods related with Control Tree.
Public classCSSGroup
Public classCSSItem
Public classCSSThemeReader
Public classCursorHelper
Public classCustomFontTypeConverter
Public classCustomShape
Public classCustomShapeConvertor
Public classCustomShapeEditor
Public classCustomShapeEditorForm
Public classDataSetObjectRelation
Public classDefaultValueOptions
Public classDesignerConsts
Public classDisposableObject
Represents a basic object which implements IDisposable interface.
Public classDllWrapper
Public classDoubleUtil
Public classEasingCalculator
Represents a numerical value calculator. It is used internally by StyleSheet system to calculate the value changes when animating RadElement properties.
Public classEditorRootRadElement Obsolete.
Public classElementLayoutData
Represents element's layout data.
Public classElementSelector
Public classElementShape
Represents element shape. Base class for specialized shapes such as EllipseShape, RoundRectShape, Office12Shape, etc.
Public classElementShapeConverter
Represents element shape converter.
Public classElementShapeEditor
Public classElementValuesAnimator
Public classEllipseShape
Represents ellipse shape.
Public classFillRepository
This class supports the TPF internal infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public classFilter
Public classFontAnimationStep
Public classFormatter
Public classFormRootElement
This class represents the root element of a RadFormControlBase Element Tree. This class is needed because some extended region calculations are needed when the control is a Form and shape is applied to it.
Public classGestureEventArgs
Public classGestureInfoHelper
Public classGradientEditorControl
Public classHandleCollector
Public classHierarchicalSelector
Represents a base class for other selectors. telerik presentation framework selectors are similar to CSS selectors.
Public classHookEventArgs
Public classHoveredElementChangedEventArgs
Represents event data for the HoveredElementChanged event.
Public classImageHelper
Provides common helper methods related with image manipulation. TODO: Should be moved to base assembly, making it accessible for all Telerik Assemblies.
Public classInnerObjectConverter
Public classInputKeyEventArgs
Public classItemSelectedEventArgs
Public classItemStateManagerFactoryRegistry
Public classItemUpdatedEventArgs
Represents event data for the ItemUpdated event.
Public classMeasurementControl
Represents per-thread static instance of special RadControl, which may be used for explicit measure of RadElement instance. This functionality is required for example in the RadComboBox, when we need to calculate the size of the drop-down before it is displayed.
Public classMeasurementGraphics
Public classMouseHoverTimer
Represents a mouse timer.
Public classNameSelector
Represents a name selector. Name selectors are used to apply customization to the element having the specified name. This behavior is very similar to that of CSS id selectors.
Public classNativeMethods
Public classNativeMethodsBITMAP
Public classNativeMethodsBITMAPINFO
Public classNativeMethodsCommonHandles
Public classNativeMethodsGlyphSet
Public classNativeMethodsLOGBRUSH
Public classNativeMethodsLOGFONT
Public classNativeMethodsLOGPEN
Public classNativeMethodsMINMAXINFO
Public classNativeMethodsPOINT
Public classNativeMethodsSIZE
Public classNativeMethodsTOOLINFO_TOOLTIP
Public classNativeMethodsTRACKMOUSEEVENT
Public classNativeMethodsUtil
Public classNCMouseEventArgs
Public classObjectRelation
Public classObjectRelationCollecion
Public classOldShapePoint
Public classOldShapePointBase
Public classOrFilter
Public classPageChangingEventArgs
Public classPanGestureEventArgs
Public classPartialShortcutEventArgs
Public classPressAndTapGestureEventArgs
Public classPreviewDragContextEventArgs
Public classPreviewDragHintEventArgs
Public classPreviewDragStartEventArgs
Public classPreviewDropTargetEventArgs
Public classPropertyBinding
Represents a dependency between two properties. Used by a RadObject to bind a RadProperty to an external one and always use its value. The binding may be also two-way, in which special case the bound property updates its source.
Public classPropertyBoundObject
Represents an object which property is bound to some other object's property. Stores the object itself and its bound property. Used internally by the DPS to notify bound objects for a change in a binding source property.
Public classPropertyChangeBehavior
Public classPropertyChangeBehaviorCollection
Represents a collection of PropertyChangeBahavior instances. See also RadElement.AddBehavior
Public classPropertyFilter
Public classPropertyReader
Public classPropertySetting
Public classPropertySettingCollection
Represents a property settings collection. Property settings are very similar to CSS style properties.
Public classPropertySettingGroup
Public classRadBitVector64
Public classRadColorDialog
Represents a dialog that can be used to select color with rich UI and extended functionality.
Public classRadCommandBarBaseItemCollection

A collection that stores RadItem objects.

Public classRadCommandBarBaseItemCollectionRadCommandBarBaseItemEnumerator
Represents an element enumerator.
Public classRadComponent
Public classRadControl
Represents a RadControl. RadControl is an abstract class and is base class for all Telerik controls.
Public classRadControlAnimationTimer
Public classRadDragDropEventArgs
Public classRadDragDropFeedbackEventArgs
Public classRadDragDropService
Represents a service that manages drag and drop actions.
Public classRadDragEventArgs
Public classRadDragOverEventArgs
Public classRadDropEventArgs
Public classRadEditItemsActionAttribute
Public classRadEditorControl
Public classRadElement
RadElement class represents the smallest unit in a RadControl that can be painted or that has a layout slot in a RadControl. Generally each RadCotnrol is composed of a tree of RadElements. The tree has as a root the RootElement and children Children property.
Public classRadElementCollection

A collection that stores RadElement objects.

Public classRadElementCollectionRadElementEnumerator
Public classRadElementPropertyMetadata
Public classRadElementReadonlyList
Public classRadElementTree
Represents RadElementTree. Every Telerik control has a corresponding tree of RadElements. This gives a lot of flexibility in building controls allowing, for example, inheritance of properties from the ancenstor nodes.
Public classRadElementZOrderComparer
Represents a Z-order comparer. The Z-Order determines the overlapping of the RadElements.
Public classRadHdcWrapper
Public classRadHostItem
Represents an item that contains external control. There is no limitation for the control type - could be any descendant of the class Control.
Public classRadImageSegment
Public classRadImageShape
Represents an image which may be divided in 9 different segments where only the inner one is stretched within the paint rectangle.
Public classRadImageShapeEditorControl
Public classRadImageShapeTypeConverter
Public classRadItem
Represents the item which could be added to an ItemsCollection and can be selected, deleted or moved during VS design time.
Public classRadItemCollection

A collection that stores RadItem objects.

Public classRadItemCollectionRadItemEnumerator
Represents an element enumerator.
Public classRadItemOwnerCollection

A collection that stores RadItem objects.

Public classRadItemsControl
Public classRadItemsControlImpl
Represents a encapsulated implementation of the IItemsControl interface.
Public classRadItemVirtualizationCollection
Public classRadKeyboardFilter
Public classRadLayeredWindow
Represents a Win2K+ layered window semantic, which allows for semi-transparent windows.
Public classRadMessageBox
Public classRadMessageBoxForm
Public classRadMessageFilter
Public classRadMessageListener
Public classRadMessageLocalizationProvider
Provides Localization service for RadMessageBox
Public classRadMessageStringID
Public classRadNCEnabledControl
This class represents a RadControl that allows for non-client area modification and paiting.
Public classRadNewItemAttribute
Represents a new item attribute.
Public classRadObject
Base for all TPF classes. Implements WPF-like property system with different value sources. Provides public interface for getting, setting value or re-setting property value.
Public classRadObjectType
Supports metadata for each class inherited from RadObject
Public classRadProperty
Represents a property. Supports telerik dependency properties system by encapsulating a property of a certain RadElement instance.
Public classRadPropertyBinding
Supports methods for general binding of properties of two RadObject instances.
Public classRadPropertyChangedEventArgs
Public classRadPropertyChangingEventArgs
Public classRadPropertyKey
Represents a property key.
Public classRadPropertyMetadata
Represents metadata for a RadProperty. RadPropertyMetadata describes the property. For example, through DefaultValue property you can get or set the default value for the property.
Public classRadPropertyNotFoundException
Public classRadPropertyValue
Stores all the information needed for composing a RadProperty's value for a given object.
Public classRadPropertyValueCollection
Represents a storage for RadPropertyValue entries, which are accessed by their GlobalIndex property.
Public classRadScreenTip
Public classRadScreenTipElement
Public classRadService
Represents abstact class that provides service capabilities.
Public classRadServiceStartingEventArgs
Represents event data when RadService is starting.
Public classRadServiceStoppingEventArgs
Represents event data when RadService is stopping.
Public classRadShapeEditorControl
Public classRadShimControl
Public classRadShortcut
Describes a combination of keys that may be used as a shortcut to RadItem.PerformClick method or any other arbitrary command.
Public classRadShortcutCollection
Public classRadShortcutManager
Public classRadStylesheetRelation
Public classRadStyleSheetRelationList
Public classRadThemeComponentBase
Class used by RadThemeManager to recognize classes that load themes from resources in a class library
Public classRadThemeComponentBaseThemeContext
this class is used internally.
Public classRadThemeComponentBaseThemeContextControlInfo
Public classRadThemeManager
Theme manager Component is used to load user-defined themes for RadControls in an application. Use the LoadedThemes property to add new team source files. Themes load immediately when correct property values specified and last for the life time of the application. After a theme is loaded it can be used by the corresponding types of controls placed on any Form of the application.
Public classRadTimePickerPopup
Public classRadToolTip
Represents a small rectangular pop-up window that displays a brief description of a control's purpose when the user rests the pointer on the control. RadToolTip Provides extended functionality by removing the necessity to have a control in the element tree
Public classRadTypeResolver
Used to resolve Telerik types
Public classRaisedRoutedEvent
Represents a raised routed event.
Public classReflectionHelper
Encapsulates common functionality related with reflection-based operations such as Cloning, Field Copying, etc.
Public classResFinder
Repository for Telerik-related resources. Not for general use.
Public classResolveStyleBuilderEventArgs
Public classResourceHelper
Defines helper methods for manipulating assembly resources.
Public classRootRadElement
Public classRotateGestureEventArgs
Public classRoundRectShape
Represents round rectangle shape.
Public classRoutedEvent
Represents a routed event. Routed events can be tunnel or bubble event according to the routed direction of the event.
Public classRoutedEventArgs
Represents event arguments for a routed event.
Public classRoutedEventBehavior
Public classRoutedEventBehaviorCollection
A collection of the RoutedEventBehavior objects. Used by the StyleSheet system.
Public classScreenTipEditor
Public classScreenTipNeededEventArgs
Provides data for the ScreenTipNeeded event.
Public classSelectedChangedEventArgs
Public classSelectorBase
Represents a base class for the HierarchicalSelector class. Selectors in telerik presentation framework are very similar to CSS selectors.
Public classSelectorCollection
Public classSelfReferenceRelation
Public classSettingValueConverter
Public classSettingValueEditor
Public classShapeBezier
Public classShapeEditorZoom
Public classShapeLine
Public classShapeLinesCollection
Public classShapePoint
Public classShapesIntersection
Public classShortcutEventArgs
Encapsulates the data, associated with the IShortcutProvider.OnShortcut callback.
Public classSimpleCondition
SimpleCondition evaluates when a property of an Element equals a certain value.
Public classSnapChangedEventArgs
Public classSnapToGrid
Public classStandardEasingCalculator
Public classStretchEventArgs
Public classStyleBuilderReadOnlyAttribute
Use the StyleBuilderReadOnly attribute to mark properties that should appear as readonly when edited in the Visual Style Builder application
Public classStyleGroup
Public classStyleRegistration
Public classStyleRepository
Public classStyleSheet
Public classSystemSkinManager
Public classTelerikAlignHelper
Public classTelerikDpiHelper
Public classTelerikHelper
Public classTelerikPaintHelper
Public classTextChangingEventArgs
Public classTheme
Public classThemeChangedEventArgs
Represents event data for the
Public classThemeNameChangedEventArgs
Represents the event data for the %ThemeNameChanged:ThemeNameChanged% event.
Public classThemeRepository
Public classThemeResolutionService
A Class that represents storage for themes in an application that contains RadControls.
Public classThemeResolutionServiceResourceParams
Public classThemeSource
ThemeSource is used to load user-defined themes for RadControls in an application. Themes load immediately when correct property values specified and last for the life time of the application. After a theme is loaded it can be used by the corresponding types of controls placed on any Form of the application. ThemeSource object are generally used by ThemeManager component placed on a Form
Public classThemeSourceCollection

A collection that stores ThemeSource objects.

Public classThemeSourceCollectionThemeSourceEnumerator
Public classToolboxGroupStrings
Public classToolTipTextNeededEventArgs
Provides data for the ToolTipTextNeeded event.
Public classTSSPThemeReader
Public classTypeFilterT
Public classTypeSelector
Represents a type selector. Type selectors are used to apply the same customization to all elements of the same type. Behavior is very similar to that of the CSS type selectors.
Public classVBExamplesHelper
Public classVersionNumber
Public classVistaAeroTheme
Contains definitions for the MS Windows Vista Aero theme.
Public classVistaAeroThemeComboBox
Vista comboboxes
Public classVistaAeroThemeComboBoxBorder
Public classVistaAeroThemeComboBoxDropDownButton
Public classVistaAeroThemeComboBoxReadonly
Public classVistaAeroThemeDatePicker
Vista DateTimePickers
Public classVistaAeroThemeDatePickerBorder
Public classVistaAeroThemeDatePickerDropDownButton
Public classVistaAeroThemeFlyOut
Vista Flyout
Public classVistaAeroThemeFlyOutBody
Public classVistaAeroThemeFlyOutHeader
Public classVistaAeroThemeFlyOutLabel
Public classVistaAeroThemeFlyOutLink
Public classVistaAeroThemeHeader
Vista Headers
Public classVistaAeroThemeHeaderDropDown
Public classVistaAeroThemeHeaderItem
Public classVistaAeroThemeListBox
Vista Listboxes
Public classVistaAeroThemeListBoxBorder
Public classVistaAeroThemeListBoxItem
Public classVistaAeroThemeListView
Vista ListViews
Public classVistaAeroThemeListViewGroupCollapseButton
Public classVistaAeroThemeListViewGroupExpandButton
Public classVistaAeroThemeListViewGroupHeaderLine
Public classVistaAeroThemeListViewItem
Public classVistaAeroThemeMenu
Vista Flyout
Public classVistaAeroThemeMenuBarBackground
Public classVistaAeroThemeMenuPopupBackground
Public classVistaAeroThemeMenuPopupBorder
Public classVistaAeroThemeTextBox
Vista TextBoxes
Public classVistaAeroThemeTextBoxBorder
Public classVisualElement
Extends RadElement and adds visual properties common to all elements.
Public classWeakReferenceListT
Public classWindowsHook
Public classWrapSelector
Public classXmlAnimatedPropertySetting
Public classXmlBuilderData
Public classXmlClassSelector
Represents a class selector that can be serialized and deserialized. Telerik class selectors are very similar to CSS class selectors.
Public classXmlComplexCondition
Represents a serializable correspodence to the ComplexCondtion class.
Public classXmlCondition
Represents a serializable condition.
Public classXmlElementSelector
Public classXmlNameSelector
Public classXmlObsoleteOnlyRead
Public classXmlPropertySetting
Represents a property setting. Each property of Telerik controls can be serialized and deserialized through an instance of this class. The XMLPropertySetting instance describes the affected control, its property, and the current value. XmlPropertySetting is very similar to CSS style properties.
Public classXmlPropertySettingCollection

A collection that stores XmlPropertySetting objects.

Public classXmlPropertySettingCollectionXmlPropertySettingEnumerator
Public classXmlPropertySettingGroup
Represents a group of property settings.
Public classXmlPropertySettingGroupCollection

A collection that stores XmlPropertySettingGroup objects.

Public classXmlPropertySettingGroupCollectionXmlPropertySettingGroupEnumerator
Public classXmlSelectorBase
Public classXmlSelectorCollection

A collection that stores XmlElementSelector objects.

Public classXmlSelectorCollectionXmlSelectorEnumerator
Public classXmlSimpleCondition
Represents a serializable correspondence to the SimpleCondtion class.
Public classXmlStyleBuilderRegistration
Represents a registration for the Style Builder. The class is responsible for the serialization and deserialization of a group of telerik controls.
Public classXmlStyleSheet
Public classXmlTheme
Represents a theme for a telerik control. Themes can be serialized and deserialized, thus saving and loading the theme for a given control. XmlTheme implements IXmlSerializable which provides custom formatting for XML serialization and deserialization.
Public classXMLThemeReader
Public classXmlTypeSelector
Public classXmlVisualStateSelector
Public classZoomChangedEventArgs
Public classZoomGestureEventArgs
Public structureFontTextMetrics
Public structureGESTUREINFO
Public structureHslColor
Represents color in HSL color space.
Public structureNativeMethodsBLENDFUNCTION
Public structureNativeMethodsDWM_BLURBEHIND
Public structureNativeMethodsEnumLogFont
Public structureNativeMethodsGESTURECONFIG
Public structureNativeMethodsIconInfo
Public structureNativeMethodsMARGINS
Public structureNativeMethodsNCCALCSIZE_PARAMS
Public structureNativeMethodsNewTextMetric
Public structureNativeMethodsPAINTSTRUCT
Public structureNativeMethodsPOINTSTRUCT
Public structureNativeMethodsRECT
Public structureNativeMethodsSHFILEINFO
Public structureNativeMethodsSIZESTRUCT
Public structureNativeMethodsTextMetric
Public structureNativeMethodsWINDOWPOS
Public structurePOINTS
Public structurePropertySettingCollectionPropertySettingsCollectionEnumerator
Public structureWindowsHookMouseHookStruct
Public structureWindowsHookMSLLHOOKSTRUCT
Public structureWindowsHookPOINT
Public interfaceIAnalyticsProvider
Public interfaceIBoxStyle
Public interfaceIColorSelector
Wraps the functionality provided by the color picker
Public interfaceIComponentTreeHandler
Public interfaceIElementSelector
Exposes methods and properties required for a general selector. Selectors in telerik presentation framework are like CSS selectors.
Public interfaceIElementTreeChangeListener
Public interfaceIExpression
Public interfaceIFormRootElement
Public interfaceIHierarchicalItem
Exposes methods and properties for e hierarchical items such as RadMenuItem.
Public interfaceIImageListProvider
Exposes the ImageList property. All classes that implement this interface provide an image list.
Public interfaceIItemsControl
An interface which provides methods for handling a collection of RadItems. This interface is used throughout controls which represent a list of items.
Public interfaceIItemsElement
Public interfaceIKeyboardListener
Public interfaceILayoutQueue
Public interfaceIMessageListener
Public interfaceIOleDropSource
Public interfaceIOleDropTarget
Public interfaceIPathCalculatorAnimationData
Public interfaceIPropertiesProvider
Public interfaceIPropertyBinding
Supports methods for bound properties of two RadObject instances.
Public interfaceIPropertySetting
Exposes methods and properties for a concrete property setttings used in StyleSheets and Themes. PropertySetting can customize the current value of any RadPropertry of any RadElement instance.
Public interfaceIRadCloneable
An extended interface that supports some additional notifications sent by the ReflectionHelper.
Public interfaceIRadColorDialog
Public interfaceIRadServiceProvider
Interface provides methods for registering and accessing RadService.
Public interfaceIScreenTipContent
Public interfaceISerializationValidatable
Implements whether an instances of a class need validation after theme deserialization.
Public interfaceIShapeCurve
Public interfaceIShortcutProvider
Public interfaceISpreadExportRenderer
Public interfaceISpreadStreamExportRenderer
Public interfaceIStylableElement
Public interfaceIStylableNode
Public interfaceISupportDrag
Exposes methods and properties for draggable elements.
Public interfaceISupportDrop
Exposes methods for drop targets
Public interfaceISupportSystemSkin
Defines a visual element which may be displayed using system skins (UxTheme semantic).
Public interfaceIThemeChangeListener
Public interfaceIThemeReader
Public interfaceITwoWayPropertyBinding
Public interfaceIValueProvider
Public interfaceIVirtualizationCollection
Public interfaceIVirtualViewport
Public interfaceIVisualElementProvider
This interface gives the ability to create reusable providers for VisualElements that are in some relation with logical data objects.
Public delegateAlternativeExpressionStorageCallback
Represents the method that will be an alternative expression storage callback.
Public delegateAnimationFinishedEventHandler
AnimationFinishedEventHandler delegate
Public delegateAnimationStartedEventHandler
AnimationStartedEventHandler delegate
Public delegateChildrenChangedEventHandler
Public delegateCoerceValueCallback
Represents the method that will be a coerce value callback.
Public delegateCollectionChangedHandler
Represents the method that will handle a CollectionChanged event.
Public delegateColorChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ColorChanged event.
Public delegateColorDialogCreatedEventHandler
Public delegateFunctionTArgument, TResult
Public delegateGestureEventHandler
Public delegateHandleChangeEventHandler
Public delegateHoveredElementChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the %HoveredElementChanged:HoveredElementChanged% event.
Public delegateItemChangedDelegate
Represents the method that will handle the %ItemChanged:ItemChanged% event.
Public delegateItemSelectedEventHandler
Public delegateMapPropertyDelegate
Allows RadObject inheritors to replace RadProperty instances with another one.
Public delegateNativeMethodsFontEnumDelegate
Public delegatePanGestureEventHandler
Public delegatePressAndTapGestureEventHandler
Public delegatePropertyChangedCallback
Represents the method that will be a property changed callback.
Public delegatePropertyMapper
Public delegateRadCommandBarBaseItemCollectionItemChangedDelegate
Public delegateRadPropertyChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the RadPropertyChange event.
Public delegateRadPropertyChangingEventHandler
Public delegateResolveStyleBuilderEventHandler
Public delegateRotateGestureEventHandler
Public delegateScreenTipNeededEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ScreenTipNeeded event of a RadControl.
Public delegateSelectedChangedEventHandler
Public delegateSetValueDelegate
Public delegateSnapChangedEventHandler
Public delegateTextChangingEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the TextChanging event.
Public delegateThemeChangedHandler
Represents the method that will handle a ThemeChanged event.
Public delegateThemeNameChangedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ThemeNameChanged event.
Public delegateThemeSourcesChangedDelegate
Public delegateToolTipTextNeededEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the ToolTipTextNeeded event of a RadCOntrol.
Public delegateValidateValueCallback
Public delegateWindowsHookHookEventHandler
Public delegateWindowsHookHookProc
Public delegateZoomChangedEventHandler
Public delegateZoomGestureEventHandler
Public enumerationAnimatorStyles
Defines the time of the animation occurrence.
Public enumerationArrowDirection
Specifies arrow directions for the arrow primitive: Up, Right, Down, and Left.
Public enumerationAttachedPropertyUsage
Defines the usage of a given attached property.
Public enumerationBinaryOperator
A binary opeartor used by the CompolexCondition class.
Public enumerationBorderBoxStyle
Defines the border rendering style.
Public enumerationBorderDrawModes
Defines the order in which border lines are drawn.
Public enumerationBuilderRegistrationType
Defines the types of registrations of a StyleSheet in the ThemeResolutionService.
Public enumerationCarouselAnimationTypes
Public enumerationChildrenListOptions
Defines the options used by RadElement.GetChildren(options) method.
Public enumerationClickMode
Defines the click modes.
Public enumerationCollectionResetReason
Defines possible reasons for a Reset notification from RadCollectionView.
Public enumerationColorPickerActiveMode
Modes the RadColorPicker can be in
Public enumerationCurrentChangeReason
Defines possible reasons for a CurrentChanged notification from RadCollectionView.
Public enumerationDisplayStyle
Defines the display style of an item.
Public enumerationDrillDirection
Public enumerationElementPropertyOptions
Defines the element's property options.
Public enumerationElementSelectorTypes
Defines element selector types.
Public enumerationElementState
Defines the life cycle of a RadElement instance.
Public enumerationElementVisibility
Defines element's visibility.
Public enumerationEventBehaviorSenderType
Public enumerationGestureType
Public enumerationGradientStyles
Defines the gradient effects: Solid, Linear, Radial, Glass, OfficeGlass, Gel, and Vista.
Public enumerationImagePaintMode
Defines possible modes to be used when rendering an image.
Public enumerationImageSegments
Public enumerationInstalledHook
Public enumerationItemsChangeOperation
Public enumerationLoopType
Defines the possible types of animation looping.
Public enumerationMessagePreviewResult
Public enumerationNativeMethodsAnimateWindowFlags
Public enumerationNativeMethodsDpiType
Public enumerationNativeMethodsGdiDcObject
Public enumerationNativeMethodsGetWindow_Cmd
Public enumerationNativeMethodsScrollBarDirection
Public enumerationNativeMethodsTernaryRasterOperations
Public enumerationPanelBarStyles
Public enumerationPerformLayoutType
Public enumerationProgressOrientation
Defines the progress bar orientation.
Public enumerationPropertyBindingOptions
Public enumerationRadAnimationType
Defines the animation type.
Public enumerationRadAutoSizeMode
Public enumerationRadDropDownStyle
Defines the drop down style used by RadComboBox.
Public enumerationRadEasingType
Defines the easing equations for the easing animations.
Public enumerationRadFitToSizeMode
Public enumerationRadGridViewBeginEditMode
Specifies how a user starts cell editing in the RadGridView control.
Public enumerationRadMessageIcon
Public enumerationRadServiceState
Represents the states of RadService
Public enumerationRadShapeEditorControlSnapTypes
Public enumerationRegionCombineMode
Public enumerationRoutingDirection
Defines the routing directions for an events.
Public enumerationScrollButtonsPositions
Public enumerationSepOrientation
Defines separators orientation.
Public enumerationSnapToGridSnapTypes
Public enumerationSystemMessage
Public enumerationThemeSourceChangeOperation
Public enumerationThemeStorageType
Defines the theme storage type.
Public enumerationTipStates
Public enumerationTreeTraversalMode
Public enumerationUnaryOperator
Public enumerationUseSystemSkinMode
Public enumerationValueResetFlags
Defines a mask enumeration which is used when updating rad properties' values.
Public enumerationValueSource
Defines the source of current property value. See also %RadObject.GetValueSource:
Public enumerationValueUpdateResult
Defines the possible results for a property value update operation.
Public enumerationWindowsHookHookType