Telerik.Charting.Styles Namespace
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Telerik.Charting.Styles Namespace
Public classChartMargins
Margins base class
Public classChartMarginsLegend
Legend's margins
Public classChartMarginsPlotArea
Plot area's margins
Public classChartMarginsTitle
Title's margins
Public classChartPaddings
Base paddings class
Public classChartPaddingsLegend
Chart title's paddings
Public classChartPaddingsTitle
Chart title's paddings
Public classChartSkin
Chart skin
Public classCorners
Sets the edge type of rectangular shapes.
Public classCornersConverter
Public classDimensions
Dimensions base class
Public classDimensionsChart
Chart's dimensions
Public classDimensionsLegend
Legend's dimensions
Public classDimensionsMarker
Marker's default dimensions
Public classDimensionsPlotArea
Default plot area's dimensions
Public classDimensionsPointMarker
PointMark's default dimensions
Public classDimensionsSeriesPointMark
Specific series point marks dimensions
Public classDimensionsTitle
Chart title's dimensions
Public classEmptyValue
Empty value
Public classFiguresCollection
Default figures
Public classFillSettings
Fill settings
Public classFillSettingsVerticalGradient
Vertical gradient default fill settings
Public classFillStyle
Fill style base class
Public classFillStyleChart
Chart's background fill style
Public classFillStyleMarkedZones
Marked zone fill style
Public classFillStylePlotArea
Public classFillStyleSeries
Series fill style
Public classFillStyleSeriesPoint
Series points fill style
Public classFillStyleTitle
Title's background fill style
Public classLayoutDecoratorBase
Base class for a chart Margins and Paddings
Public classLayoutStyle
Base appearance settings for any element being calculated
Public classLineStyle
Common lines style
Public classMarginsConverter
Provides a unified way of converting ChartMargins type values to other types, as well as for accessing standard values and sub properties.
Public classPaddingsConverter
Provides a unified way of converting ChartMargins type values to other types, as well as for accessing standard values and sub properties.
Public classPosition
Represents the element position in the container
Public classPositionBottom
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.Bottom
Public classPositionCenter
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.Center
Public classPositionLeft
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.Left
Public classPositionRight
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.Right
Public classPositionTop
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.Top
Public classPositionTopLeft
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.TopLeft
Public classPositionTopRight
Specific Position object with predefined AlignedPosition.TopRight
Public classScaleBreaksLineStyle
Scale breaks line specific style
Public classShadowStyle
Shadow settings
Public classShadowStyleChart
Common shadow settings
Public classSkinnablePropertyAttribute
Represents the custom property attribute used to mark property as skinable and being used with a skin application
Public classStyle
Base style class
Public classStyleAxis
Axis appearance
Public classStyleAxisItemText
Axis item label text block's appearance
Public classStyleAxisLabel
Axis label style
Public classStyleAxisX
X axis specific style
Public classStyleAxisY
Y axis specific style
Public classStyleBorder
Border style
Public classStyleChart
Main chart appearance settings
Public classStyleChartBorder
Chart border specific style
Public classStyleChartDataTable
DataTable appearance settings
Public classStyleDataTableBorder
Data table's border specific style
Public classStyleEmptyLineSeries
Empty Line series specific style
Public classStyleExtendedLabel
Public classStyleGridLine
Grid line specific style
Public classStyleGridLineHidden
Public classStyleGridLineMajor
Public classStyleGridLineMajorXAxis
Public classStyleItemLabelConnector
Series item label connector line specific style
Public classStyleLabel
Base label appearance style
Public classStyleLabelEmptySeriesMessage
Empty series message style
Public classStyleLabelHidden
Public classStyleLabelLegend
Legend appearance style
Public classStyleLabelTitle
Chart title style
Public classStyleLegendBorder
Legend border specific style
Public classStyleLineSeries
Line series specific style
Public classStyleMarkedZone
Marked zone. Used to mark the values ranges at the plot area.
Public classStyleMarker
Base marker's style
Public classStyleMarkerEmptyValue
Specific empty point marker style
Public classStyleMarkerLegend
Specific series point markers style
Public classStyleMarkerPositionNone
Specific empty point marker style
Public classStyleMarkerSeriesPoint
Specific series point markers style
Public classStylePlotArea
Plot area's appearance
Public classStyleSeries
Series appearance
Public classStyleSeriesBorder
Series border specific style
Public classStyleSeriesItem
Series item appearance
Public classStyleSeriesItemLabel
Series item appearance style
Public classStyleSeriesItemTextBlock
Series item label text block's appearance
Public classStyleTextBlock
Text block appearance
Public classStyleTextBlockAxisLabel
Hidden text block's default appearance
Public classStyleTextBlockError
Error text block's appearance
Public classStyleTextBlockHidden
Hidden text block's default appearance
Public classStyleTextBlockTitle
Title text block's appearance
Public classStyleTick
Base axis ticks appearance settings
Public classStyleTickMajor
Major ticks visual style
Public classStyleTickMinor
Minor ticks style
Public classStyleTitleBorder
Title border specific style
Public classStyleYAxisLabel
Axis label style
Public classTextProperties
Base text appearance settings class (Font, Color)
Public classTextPropertiesAxisItem
Axis item label text properties
Public classTextPropertiesAxisLabel
Axis item label text properties
Public classTextPropertiesError
Errors text properties
Public classTextPropertiesSeriesItem
Series item label text properties
Public classTextPropertiesTitle
Default Title's text properties
Public classUnit
Represents a length measurement.
Public structureDefaultFigures
Public enumerationAlignedPositions
Aligned positions listing
Public enumerationAutoTextWrap
Define auto wrap option for text
Public enumerationChartAxisLayoutMode
Specifies different axis styles for positioning of item labels and marks.
Public enumerationChartAxisVisibility
Define visibility option for axis
Public enumerationChartAxisVisibleValues
Axis visible values range positive / negative
Public enumerationChartValueFormat
Public enumerationCornerType
Corner type
Public enumerationDrawType
Types for drawing figures
Public enumerationEmtyValuesMode
Empty values representation mode
Public enumerationFillType
Fill types listing
Public enumerationGradientFillStyle
Specifies the direction of a linear gradient.
Public enumerationImageAlignModes
Public enumerationImageDrawMode
Public enumerationImageQuality
Specifies the quality at which image is rendered.
Public enumerationImageTileModes
Public enumerationLabelItemsCompositionTypes
Specifies how marker and text block are situated related to each other.
Public enumerationLabelLocation
Public enumerationOrientation
Public enumerationOverflow
Public enumerationPlacementDirection
Direction of label position in auto mode
Public enumerationShadowPosition
Possible shadow positions listing
Public enumerationStyleSeriesItemLabelItemLabelLocation
Public enumerationTextQuality
Specifies the quality at which text is rendered.
Public enumerationTickLocation
Specifies the axis Ticks location relatively to plot area
Public enumerationUnitType
Specifies the unit of measurement.