Telerik.Charting Namespace
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Telerik.Charting Namespace
Public classActiveRegion
Represents the active region of the chart element/item.
Public classAxisLabel
X Axis label
Public classAxisLabelHidden
Axis label base
Public classAxisLabelModel
This class represents the axis label data model.
Public classAxisModel
Public classAxisScaleBreak
Public classAxisScaleBreakCollection
Public classAxisSegment
Axis segment in case of ScaleBreaks enabled
Public classAxisSegmentCollection
Segments collection
Public classAxisTickModel
Public classAxisTitleModel
Public classAxisYLabel
Y axis label
Public classBezierDataPoint
Public classBindableLegendItem
Class for bindable legend items
Public classBubbleDataPoint
Public classCategoricalDataPoint
Defines a DataPoint that has a single Value property, used by numerical axes.
Public classCategoricalDataPointBase
Represents a single-value data point, which may be plotted in a CartesianChartAreaModel and has its second value defined as Category.
Public classChart
This is an class which provides charting functionality for Telerik products.
Public classChartAnnotationModel
Public classChartAreaModel
Public classChartAxis
Base chart axis class
Public classChartAxisItem
Represents an axis item.
Public classChartAxisItemsCollection
A collection to store axis items.
Public classChartBaseLabel
Base class for all labels
Public classChartClickEventArgs
Event arguments when a chart element is clicked.
Public classChartDataTable
DataTable. Shows the series data in a tabular format.
Public classChartElement
Base class for nodes that may have chidren.
Public classChartingStateManagedCollectionT
Base class for all collections support view state tracking
Public classChartItemDataBoundEventArgs
Class containing event data for an ItemDataBound event
Public classChartLabel
Base class for labels with style
Public classChartLabelsCollection
Collection of labels
Public classChartLegend
Chart legend. Shows the series names or series labels listing. Can contains custom items.
Public classChartMarkedZone
Class describe a Marked zone functionality
Public classChartMarkedZonesCollection
Marked zones collection
Public classChartMarker
Base class for a different markers representation
Public classChartNode
Base class for all models that form the ChartArea tree.
Public classChartPlotArea
Plot area - series rendering canvas.
Public classChartPlotAreaModel
Base class for plot areas in different charts.
Public classChartSeries
Public classChartSeriesCollection
Series collection
Public classChartSeriesItem
Represents the base element of RadChart's series.
Public classChartSeriesItemsCollection
Series items collection
Public classChartSeriesModel
Base non-generic class used for non-generic declarations.
Public classChartTitle
Chart Title
Public classChartXAxis
Represents the X Axis.
Public classChartYAxis
Represents a chart Y Axis.
Public classChartZoomEventArgs
Provides data for RadChart.Zoom event.
Public classColorBlend
Defines arrays of elements and positions used for interpolating GradientElement blending in a multicolor gradient.
Public classComplexDataSetClass
Sample class returns DataSet with several columns which could be used as Y values source. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public classContentNode
Base class for all models with content that form the ChartArea tree.
Public classCustomFigure
User-defined figure
Public classCustomFiguresCollection
Custom figures collection
Public classCustomPalettesCollection
User-defined palettes collection
Public classDataHelper
Common helper class. Implements most of ICommonDataHelper members
Public classDataManager
Acquires and manipulates data from databases or other sources. Populates the SeriesCollection of the chart control.
Public classDataPoint
Base class for all points that may be plotted by a ChartPlotAreaModel.
Public classDataPointCollectionT
Represents a typed element collection which accepts DataPoint instances only.
Public classDataPointSeriesModelT
Represents chart series that consist of data points.
Public classDataSetClass
Sample class returns DataSet for an ObjectDataSource data binding demo
Public classDataTableDataHelper
DataTable data source helper class
Public classDateTimeContinuousAxisModel
Defines a DateTime axis that uses the actual timeline to plot series points.
Public classDateTimeContinuousAxisModelPlotInfo
Public classDateTimeExtensions
Collection of helper methods for retrieving unique (year-wise) values for some date/time components besides the ones provided by DateTime class.
Public classDemoData
Simple data sources examples class. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public classDisposableObject
Represents an object that implements the IDisposable interface and automatically releases any events, attached to this instance.
Public classDoubleCollection
Collection base object example. Used for a data binding demostration only
Public classElementCollectionT
Represents a typed collection of ChartNode instances. For example an AxisModel aggregates two typed collections - Ticks and Labels.
Public classEmptySeriesMessage
Empty series message
Visible if no or empty series present
Public classEventHandlerList
Represents a list of delegates.
Public classExtendedLabel
Base class for extended labels
Public classFunnelDataPoint
Represents a single-value data point plotted by a funnel chart.
Public classFunnelSeriesModel
Public classGradientElement
Gradient element
Public classHlcDataPoint
Public classLabelItem
Base class for labels in label collection
Public classLayoutElement
Base class for all objects being calculated
Public classLinearAxisModel
Public classLogarithmicAxisModel
Public classMarkedZoneLabel
MarkedZone label class
Public classMultipleAxesAnnotationModel
Public classNodeCollection
Represents a collection of a ChartNode instances.
Public classNumericalAxisModel
Public classNumericalAxisSegment
Public classNumericRadialAxisModel
Public classOhlcDataPoint
A High-Low-Open-Close data point.
Public classOhlcSeriesModel
Public classPalette
Series color palette. Used for an automatic series items colors assignment
Public classPaletteItem
Palette item
Public classPaletteItemsCollection
Palette items collection
Public classPieDataPoint
Represents a single-value data point plotted by a pie chart.
Public classPieSeriesModel
Public classPolarAxisModel
Public classPolarDataPoint
Represents a data point that is plotted on charts, using Polar coordinate system and two linear axes.
Public classProduct
Sample object. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public classProductsBL
Sample business logic object. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public classProductsList
IBindingList example. Used for a data binding demonstration only
Public classPropertyBagObject
Represents a DisposableObject that stores its properties within a property bag.
Public classRadMath
Provides static mathematical functions and constants.
Public classRadPropertyEventArgs
Encapsulates all the data associated with a change in a PropertyBagObject property store.
Public classRangeBarSeriesModel
Public classRangeDataPoint
A High-Low data point.
Public classRangeSeriesBaseModel
Public classRegionClickEventArgs
Event arguments when a chart element is clicked.
Public classRenderedObject
Base class for all objects being rendered
Public classScaleBreak
Y Axis scale break
Public classScatterDataPoint
Represents a data point that may be visualized by a Scatter series in a CartesianChart. Generally this is a point that provides values for both X and Y axes and may be plotted by two numerical axes - Linear or Logarithmic.
Public classSeriesItemLabel
Series item label
Public classSeriesModelWithAxesT
Public classSingleAxisAnnotationModel
Public classSingleValueDataPoint
Defines a DataPoint that has a single Value property, used by numerical axes.
Public classStateBag
Public classStateItem
Public classStateManagedObject
Base class implements IStateManager
Public classStringToAngleRangeConverter
Converts a string to an AngleRange object.
Public classTextBlock
Label text properties
Public classTextBlockAxisItem
Axis item text container properties
Public classTextBlockEmptySeriesMessage
Empty Series message text container properties
Public classTextBlockHidden
Chart title text container properties
Public classTextBlockLabelItem
Legend item's text block
Public classTextBlockLegend
Chart title text container properties
Public classTextBlockMarkedZone
MarkedZone label's text container properties
Public classTextBlockSeriesItem
Series label text container properties
Public classTextBlockTitle
Chart title text container properties
Public classTextBlockXAxisLabel
Chart X Axis text container properties
Public classTextBlockYAxisLabel
Chart Y Axis text container properties
Public classWaterfallDataPoint
Public classWaterfallSeriesModel
Public structureAngleRange
Represents a structure that defines the starting and sweeping angles of an ellipse Arc.
Public structureHlc
Represents a struct, which defines a set of three values - High, Low, Close.
Public structureOhlc
Represents a struct, which defines a set of four values - High, Low, Open, Close.
Public structurePalettesCollection
Default palettes
Public structureRadCircle
Represents a logical definition of a circle.
Public structureRadPoint
Represents a structure that defines a location (X, Y) in a two-dimensional space.
Public structureRadRect
Represents a Rectangle in the Euclidean plane geometry.
Public structureRadSize
Represents a structure that defines a size in the two-dimensional space.
Public structureRadThickness
Represents a structure that defines margins (or padding) of an element.
Public structureRange
Represents a struct, which defines a set of two values - High, Low.
Public structureValueRangeT
Represents a structure that defines a range of two IComparable structures - like Single or Double.
Public interfaceIChartElementPresenter
Defines a type which may visualize a logical chart element.
Public interfaceIChartingStateManagedItem
Common interface for a State managed collection items
Public interfaceIChartingStateManager
The common interface for all chart elements support View State tracking
Public interfaceIChartSeries
Identifies a special IChartElementPresenter that visualizes DataPoint instances.
Public interfaceIChartView
Defines the root of the whole chart.
Public interfaceIContainer
Common interface for a rendering container objects
Public interfaceIContinuousAxisModel
Public interfaceIDataPointProcessor
Defines a type that may enrich a DataPoint with additional properties.
Public interfaceIOrdering
Common interface for an order list element of rendering container
Public interfaceISupportCombineMode
Identifies chart series that can be combined with other ISupportCombineMode instances of same type.
Public delegateRegionClickEventHandler
Public enumerationAxisHorizontalLocation
Defines the supported locations that an axis rendered vertically can have.
Public enumerationAxisLabelFitMode
Determines the label fit mode of the chart axis labels.
Public enumerationAxisLastLabelVisibility
Defines the strategy that will update the last label of the axis.
Public enumerationAxisPlotMode
Defines how data points are plotted by an axis.
Public enumerationAxisType
Defines the possible type for an axis.
Public enumerationAxisVerticalLocation
Defines the supported locations that an axis rendered horizontally can have.
Public enumerationChartElementLocation
Specifies the location of the RadChart's elements.
Public enumerationChartSeriesCombineMode
Defines how multiple series of same type are combined on the plot area.
Public enumerationChartSeriesLegendDisplayMode
Specifies legend items presentation.
Public enumerationChartSeriesOrientation
Series orientation
Public enumerationChartSeriesType
Supported series types.
Public enumerationChartYAxisMode
Specifies the Y axis modes.
Public enumerationChartYAxisType
Primary or Secondary
Public enumerationContentHorizontalAlign
Horizontal Alignment of text in DataTable cells
Public enumerationContentVerticalAlign
Vertical Alignment of text in DataTable cells
Public enumerationDateTimeComponent
Represents a component of the DateTime structure.
Public enumerationMessageDispatchMode
Defines how a message should be dispatched in the element tree.
Public enumerationMessageDispatchPhase
Defines the possible phases a message dispatch process may enter.
Public enumerationNodeState
Defines the possible states a ChartNode may enter.
Public enumerationNumericalAxisRangeExtendDirection
Specifies how a numerical axis auto-range will be extended so that each data point is visualized in the best possible way.
Public enumerationPolarAxisPosition
Defines the position of the Radius axis within a RadPolarChart.
Public enumerationScaleBreakLineType
Possible axis scale break's line types
Public enumerationTableRenderType
RenderType of DataTable
Public enumerationTickType
Defines the possible types of an axis tick.
Public enumerationTimeInterval
Specifies the predefined time interval types.
Public enumerationTreeTraversalMode
Defines possible approaches when traversing a tree.