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NotSupportedField Methods

The NotSupportedField type exposes the following members.

Protected methodBuildCodeOverride
Builds the field-specific parts of the code fragment, using the current CodeBuilder.
(Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Public methodCopyPropertiesFrom(Field)
Copies all properties from another field of the same type.
(Overrides CodeBasedFieldCopyPropertiesFrom(Field).)
Public methodCopyPropertiesFrom(FieldCodeExpression)
Copies the properties of the field from a FieldCodeExpression instance.
(Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Protected methodCopyPropertiesFromCodeExpression
Copies the field-specific properties from a FieldCodeExpression.
(Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Public methodCreateDeepCopy
Creates a deep copy of the field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Protected methodCreateFragmentFromText
Creates a document fragment from a string. The style properties of the elements in the fragment are based on the style properties of the FieldRangeStart and the parent paragraph.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public methodCreateInstance
Creates a new instance of the current field class.
(Overrides FieldCreateInstance.)
Protected methodGetCodeFragment
Gets the code fragment of the field.
(Overrides CodeBasedFieldGetCodeFragment.)
Protected methodGetDisplayNameFragment
Gets the display name fragment of the field if the field has such.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public methodGetFragmentByDisplayMode
Gets a fragment of the field corresponding to mode.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public methodGetFragmentToDisplay
Gets one of the fragments of the field on the basis of DisplayMode.
(Inherited from Field.)
Protected methodGetNumberResultWithFormatting (Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Protected methodGetResultFragment
Builds the result fragment of the field.
(Overrides FieldGetResultFragment.)
Protected methodInvalidateCode
Invalidates the code fragment of the field. The next time the code fragment is requested, it will be built anew.
(Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Protected methodIsCodeValid
Gets the value indicating whether the code in the code fragment is currently valid.
(Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Protected methodIsResultFragmentEmpty (Inherited from Field.)
Protected methodMakeHyperlinkFragment (Inherited from CodeBasedField.)
Public methodSetFragmentByDisplayMode
Sets the fragment of the field corresponding to mode.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public methodSetPropertyValue(FieldPropertyDefinition, String) (Inherited from Field.)
Public methodSetPropertyValue(FieldPropertyDefinition, Field) (Inherited from Field.)
Public methodUpdate
Updates the field. Updates all nested fields and rebuilds the fragments.
(Inherited from Field.)
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