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IFontPropertiesEditor Methods

The IFontPropertiesEditor type exposes the following members.

Public methodApplyFont
Public methodApplyFontFamily
Applies the font family.
Public methodApplyFontSize
Applies the size of the font.
Public methodApplyForeColor
Applies the foreground color.
Public methodApplyIsBold
Applies the bold state.
Public methodApplyIsItalic
Applies the italic state.
Public methodApplyUnderlineType
Applies the type of the underline.
Public methodTryGetFontFamily
Tries to get the font family.
Public methodTryGetFontSize
Tries to get the font size.
Public methodTryGetForeColor
Tries to get the foreground color.
Public methodTryGetIsBold
Tries to get the bold state.
Public methodTryGetIsItalic
Tries to get the italic state.
Public methodTryGetUnderlineType
Tries to get the underline type.
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