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RoutingBase Methods

The RoutingBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodStatic memberClockwiseMoveAroundEdgeOfShape
Given a point on the edge of a shape, this returns the middle point of the edge adjacent to it in the clockwise direction.
Protected methodStatic memberFindCrossings
Finds the crossings.
Protected methodStatic memberFindMostProbableTuple
Given the connection, the most probable start and end points are returned together with some additional points if necessary.
Public methodGetRoutePoints
Gets the route points.
Protected methodStatic memberGetSector
Gets the sector.
Protected methodPointIsInNeighborhoodOfShape
Returns whether the given point is in the neighborhood of a shape.
Protected methodPointIsInShape
Returns whether the given point resides in one of the shapes in the diagram.
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