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LayoutBaseTNodeData, TLinkData Methods

The LayoutBaseTNodeData, TLinkData generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberBuildContainerHierarchy
Builds the container hierarchy with the virtual root holding the top-containers. If no containers are present this will return null.
Protected methodGridLayoutComponents
Organizes the components in a grid.
Protected methodIterateContainerLayout
Iterates the container layout to the child containers by organizing first the lowest level containers up to the given container.
Public methodLayout(ContainerGraphTNodeData, TLinkData, Object)
Layout of the specified container without iterating into possible children containers.
Public methodLayout(IGraph, Object)
Starts a layout pass.
Protected methodMoveToCurrentOffset
Moves the diagram to the computed offset.
Protected methodMoveToOffset
Moves the component to the given offset.
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