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GraphController Methods

The GraphController type exposes the following members.

Public methodActivateTool
Activates the tool.
Public methodAddConnection
Adds the connection.
Public methodAddShape(Object, Boolean)
Adds the shape.
Public methodAddShape(IShape, Boolean)
Adds the shape.
Public methodAlignShapes
Aligns the shapes to the most left/top/right/bottom edge defined by the selection bounds.
Public methodBringForward
Brings the selected items forward.
Public methodBringToFront
Brings the selected items to front.
Public methodChangeTool
Changes the tool.
Public methodClear
Clears the diagram and resets the document.
Public methodClearConnections
Clears the connections.
Public methodClearShapes
Clears the shapes.
Public methodCopy
Creates a copy of the diagram in the clipboard.
Public methodCreateConnection
Creates the connection.
Public methodCreateConnectionInGraphSource
Creates the connection in graph source.
Public methodCreateShapeInGraphSource
Creates the shape in graph source.
Public methodCutItems
Cuts the items.
Public methodDeleteItems
Deletes the items.
Public methodDeselectItem
Deselects a specific item.
Public methodDeserialize
Deserializes the specified info.
Public methodForceRealization
Forces the realization.
Public methodGroup
Groups the selected shapes.
Public methodIsInViewport
Checks if the diagram item is in the viewport.
Public methodKeyDown
Called when key down event is fired.
Public methodKeyUp
Called when key up event is fired.
Public methodLayout
Organizes the diagram using the specified layout.
Public methodLoad
Loads the serialized diagram.
Public methodMergeItems
Merges the items in the diagram.
Public methodMouseDoubleClick
Handles the mouse double click event.
Public methodMouseDown
Called when the left mouse button is down.
Public methodMouseMove
Called when the mouse moves.
Public methodMouseUp
Called when the mouse left button is up.
Public methodNudge
Nudges (i.e. a small amount of translation) the selected items with the specified amount.
Public methodOnGraphSourceChanged
Called when graph source changes.
Public methodOnItemsChanged
Called when Items collection changes.
Public methodOnViewportChanged
Called when the bounds have changed.
Public methodPaste
Pastes a diagram, serialized in the clipboard.
Public methodRemoveConnection
Removes the connection.
Public methodRemoveShape
Removes the shape from the diagram.
Public methodSave
Returns the serialized diagram as an XML-string.
Public methodSelectItem
Selects a specific item.
Public methodSendBackward
Sends selected items backward.
Public methodSendToBack
Sends selected items to back.
Public methodSerialize
Serializes this instance.
Public methodSnapShapes
Snaps the items based on the snap value. The action is enclosed in a undoable command and supports undo/redo.
Public methodUngroup
Ungroups the specified items.
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