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VirtualGridDateTimeEditor Methods

The VirtualGridDateTimeEditor type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginEdit
Starts the editing process. Used internally in RadGridView.
(Overrides BaseInputEditorBeginEdit.)
Public methodBeginInit
Begins the editor initialization process.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Protected methodCreateEditorElement
Creates a new editor element.
(Overrides BaseInputEditorCreateEditorElement.)
Public methodEndEdit
Finishes the editing process. Used internally in RadGridView.
(Overrides BaseInputEditorEndEdit.)
Public methodEndInit
Finishes the editor initialization process.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the editor. Used internally in RadGridView.
(Overrides BaseVirtualGridEditorInitialize(Object, Object).)
Protected methodIsCurrentDateValid
Determines whether the current value is a valid date.
Public methodOnKeyDown
Translates system key down events to the owner element.
(Overrides BaseVirtualGridEditorOnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnKeyUp
Handles key up events in the editor.
Public methodOnMouseWheel
Translates mouse wheel events to the owner element.
(Inherited from BaseVirtualGridEditor.)
Public methodOnValidated
Fires the Validated event.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Public methodOnValidating
Fires the Validating event.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Public methodOnValidationError
Fires the ValidationError event.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Public methodOnValueChanged
Fires the ValueChanged event.
(Inherited from BaseVirtualGridEditor.)
Public methodOnValueChanging
Fires the ValueChanging event.
(Inherited from BaseVirtualGridEditor.)
Public methodSetIsInBeginEditMode
Sets the IsInBeginEditMode property. This method is used internally.
(Inherited from BaseInputEditor.)
Public methodValidate
Validates the value currently entered in the editor.
(Inherited from BaseVirtualGridEditor.)
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