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SchedulerEditManager Methods

The SchedulerEditManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginEdit
Puts the current cell in edit mode.
Public methodBeginInlineEdit
Invokes default inline editor.
Public methodCancelEdit
Close the currently active editor and discard changes.
Public methodCloseEditor
Ends the edit operation without commiting the changes
Public methodDispose
Disposes all resources.
Public methodEndEdit
Commits any changes and ends the edit operation on the current cell.
Protected methodEndEditCore
Finishes the editing process.
Public methodGetDefaultEditor
Gets the defalult editor for the specified provider.
Public methodIsPermanentEditor
Checks whether there is a permanent editor associated with the specified type.
Public methodRegisterPermanentEditorType
Register a permanent editor for specific type.
Protected methodRemoveEditor
Remove the active editor
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