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RadPrintDocument Methods

The RadPrintDocument type exposes the following members.

Protected methodHasLogoInHeaderFooterString
Protected methodOnAssociatedObjectChanged
Called when the associated printable object has changed.
Protected methodOnBeginPrint (Overrides PrintDocumentOnBeginPrint(PrintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnEndPrint (Overrides PrintDocumentOnEndPrint(PrintEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPrintPage (Overrides PrintDocumentOnPrintPage(PrintPageEventArgs).)
Protected methodParseHeaderFooterString
Parses a given string for special words.
Protected methodPrintFooter
Prints the footer part of the page.
Protected methodPrintHeader
Prints the header part of the page.
Protected methodPrintLogo
Protected methodPrintWatermark
Prints the watermark of the page.
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