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RadCardViewCustomizeDialog Methods

The RadCardViewCustomizeDialog type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAddInvalidatedRect (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodBeginInit (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodCallBaseWndProc (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodConstruct (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodControlDefinesThemeForElement
Gets a value indicating if control themes by default define PropertySettings for the specified element. If true is returned the ThemeResolutionService would not not set any theme to the element to avoid duplicatingthe style settings of the element.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodControlThemeChangedCallback (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodCreateChildItems (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodCreateHandle (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodCreateNewItem
Called to create a new LayoutControlItemBase when dropping an item from the New Items group.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodCreateRootElement (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodDispose
Clean up any resources being used.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Public methodEndInit (Inherited from RadForm.)
Protected methodGetDragContext
Gets the drag context of a dragged item.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodGetItemImage
Gets the image which should be displayed in an item in the Hidden Items group or the Structure tree view.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodGetItemText
Gets the text which should be displayed in an item in the Hidden Items group or the Structure tree view.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Public methodGetPreferredSize (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodGetString (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodGetUseNewLayout
Determines whether the control and all its child elements should use the new layout system.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodHandleDpiChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodHandleDropOnEmptyContainer
Handles dropping a list view item over an empty container.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodHandleItemDrop (Overrides RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialogHandleItemDrop(BaseListViewVisualItem, DraggableLayoutControlItem).)
Protected methodInitializeFormBehavior (Inherited from RadForm.)
Public methodInvalidateElement(RadElement) (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodInvalidateElement(RadElement, Rectangle) (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodInvalidateIfNotSuspended (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodInvokeLayoutCallback (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodLoadElementTree
Loads the element tree. While not loaded, no layout operations are allowed upon the tree. By default, the tree will be loaded when the control is displayed for the first time.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodLoadElementTree(Size)
Loads the element tree using the specified desired size.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnAutoSizeChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnBackColorChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnClosing (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnCreateControl (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnDisplayPropertyChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnDragServiceDragDrop
Called to handle dropping a dragged item from the list view on the Items tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnDragServiceDragOver
Handles the DragOver event of the list view's drag drop service.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnDragServiceStopped
Called when the drag drop service of the list view has started.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnFontChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnForeColorChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnHandleCreated (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnLayout (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnLoad(Size)
Notifies that the control is about to be visualized.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnLoad(EventArgs) (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnLoadLayoutButtonClick (Overrides RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialogOnLoadLayoutButtonClick(Object, EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMove (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs) (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(String) (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnPaint (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnPaintBackground (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnResizeBegin (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnResizeEnd (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnRightToLeftChanged (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnSaveLayoutButtonClick (Overrides RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialogOnSaveLayoutButtonClick(Object, EventArgs).)
Protected methodOnScreenTipNeeded (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnStructureTreeNodeEdited
Handles the NodeEdited event of the tree view on the Structure tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnStructureTreeViewMouseDown
Handles the MouseDown event of the tree view on the Structure tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnStructureTreeViewMouseMove
Handles the MouseMove event of the tree view on the Structure tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnStructureTreeViewNodeRemoving
Handles the NodeRemoving event of the tree view on the structure tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnStructureTreeViewSelectedNodeChanged
Handles the SelectedNodeChanged event of the tree view on the Structure tab.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodOnThemeChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnThemeNameChanged (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnToolTipTextNeeded (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodOnVisibleChanged (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodPerformDesignModeLocationCorrection (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodProcessCaptureChangeRequested
Prevent the Form from getting the mouse capture when the capture is requested by one of the system buttons.
(Inherited from RadForm.)
Protected methodProcessCmdKey (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodProcessDialogKey
Processes a dialog box key.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodProcessFocusRequested
Processes a focus request from the specified element.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodRegisterHostedControl (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodResetFormBehavior
Resets the behavior associated with the Form. This method is used internally.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodResumeDpiScaling (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodResumeUpdate (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodResumeUpdate(Boolean) (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodRightToLeftTranslate
Called to rearrange the items when the RightToLeft property of the dialog has changed.
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodScaleControl (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodScrollToControl (Inherited from RadForm.)
Protected methodSetBoundsCore (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodSetClientSizeCore (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodSetIconPrimitiveVisibility (Inherited from RadForm.)
Public methodShouldSerializeBackColor
Determines whether the BackColor property should be serialized.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodShouldSerializeFont
Determines whether the ForeColor property should be serialized.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodShouldSerializeForeColor
Determines whether the ForeColor property should be serialized.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodShouldSerializeProperty
Determines whether the specified RadProperty should be serialized.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodSuspendDpiScaling (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodSuspendUpdate (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodUnregisterHostedControl (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Protected methodUpdateDefaultButton
Updates which button is the default button.
(Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
Public methodUpdateHiddenItems
Called to update the Hidden Items group in the Items tab
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Public methodUpdateItemsStructureTreeView
Called to update the tree view in the Structure tab
(Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodUpdateLocalizableStrings (Inherited from RadLayoutControlCustomizeDialog.)
Protected methodWndProc (Inherited from RadFormControlBase.)
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