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PropertyGridItem Methods

The PropertyGridItem type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginEdit
Selects this item and puts the Property grid in edit mode.
Public methodCollapse
Collapses the item.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Protected methodConvertToPasswordString
Converts a string into a password string.
Public methodEnsureVisible
Ensures that this item is visible in the content of the RadPropertyGridElement.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Public methodExpand
Expandes the item.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Protected methodGetChildItems
Gets the child items for a given item.
Public methodGetService
Public methodIndexOf
Public methodOnComponentChanged
Public methodOnComponentChanging
Public methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs) (Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Public methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(String) (Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Public methodResetValue
Resets the property value to its default value.
Public methodResumePropertyNotifications
Resumes property notifications after a previous SuspendPropertyNotifications call.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Public methodSelect
Selects the grid tiem.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Protected methodSetBooleanProperty (Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Protected methodSetParent
Protected methodShouldGetChildItemsAnew
Determines if the item should update its child items based on the types of the old value and the new one.
Public methodSuspendPropertyNotifications
Allows PropertyChanged notifications to be temporary suspended.
(Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
Protected methodTryGetDefaultValue
Gets the default value of the current item. A return parameter determines if the operation succeeded.
Protected methodUpdate (Inherited from PropertyGridItemBase.)
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