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NavigateToPreviousAppointmentsCommand Methods

The NavigateToPreviousAppointmentsCommand type exposes the following members.

Public methodCanExecute
Determines whether this instance can execute the specified parameter.
(Inherited from SchedulerCommand.)
Public methodExecute
Executes the command.
(Inherited from CommandBase.)
Public methodExecute(Object)
Executes the command with the given settings.
(Inherited from SchedulerCommand.)
Public methodExecuteCommand
Executes the command.
(Overrides SchedulerCommandExecuteCommand(RadScheduler).)
Public methodGetImageAt(Int32) (Inherited from CommandBase.)
Public methodGetImageAt(String) (Inherited from CommandBase.)
Protected methodOnCanExecuteChanged (Inherited from CommandBase.)
Protected methodRaiseExecuted (Inherited from CommandBase.)
Protected methodRaiseHandleExecute (Inherited from CommandBase.)
Public methodToString
Retrieves a text representation of the instance.
(Inherited from CommandBase.)
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