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MasterGridViewTemplate Methods

The MasterGridViewTemplate type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAnalyzeQueueCore (Overrides GridViewTemplateAnalyzeQueueCore(ListGridViewEvent).)
Public methodBeginCellCopy
Public methodBeginInit
Begins initialization of the view template.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodBeginRowCopy
Public methodBeginUpdate (Overrides GridViewTemplateBeginUpdate.)
Public methodBestFitColumns
Widens / shrinks all columns based on the space required by the text in the columns.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodBestFitColumns(BestFitColumnMode)
Widens / shrinks all columns based on the space required by the text in the columns.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodClearAllSummariesFromGroups (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodCollapseAll
Collapses all expandable rows.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodCollapseAllGroups
Collapses all group rows when data is grouped.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodCopy
Copy the formatted values that represent the contents of the selected cells to the System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.
Protected methodCreateBindingContext (Overrides GridViewTemplateCreateBindingContext.)
Protected methodCreateListSource (Overrides GridViewTemplateCreateListSource.)
Public methodCut
Moves the current selection in the to the Clipboard.
Public methodDeferRefresh
Defers the refresh.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodDispatchEvent(GridViewEvent) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodDispatchEvent(GridViewEvent, Boolean) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodDispose (Overrides GridViewTemplateDispose(Boolean).)
Public methodEndCellCopy
Public methodEndInit (Overrides GridViewTemplateEndInit.)
Public methodEndRowCopy
Public methodEndUpdate
Ends the update.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodEndUpdate(Boolean)
Ends the update.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodEndUpdate(DataViewChangedEventArgs)
Ends the update.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodEndUpdate(Boolean, DataViewChangedEventArgs) (Overrides GridViewTemplateEndUpdate(Boolean, DataViewChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodEnsureHierarchyProvider
Resets the hierarchy data provider.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodEnsureRowType (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodExpandAll
Expands all expandable rows.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodExpandAllGroups
Expands all group rows when data is grouped.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodGetClipboardContent
Retrieves the formatted values that represent the contents of the selected cells for copying to the System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.
Protected methodGetClipboardData
Protected methodGetEventListenerPirotiy (Overrides GridViewTemplateGetEventListenerPirotiy.)
Protected methodGetEventProcessMode (Overrides GridViewTemplateGetEventProcessMode.)
Protected methodGetRowsToPasteIn
Public methodLoadFrom
Unbound load the IDatareader data and reset current DataSource
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodMoveToFirstPage
Sets the first page as the current page.
Public methodMoveToLastPage
Sets the last page as the current page.
Public methodMoveToNextPage
Moves to the page after the current page.
Public methodMoveToPage
Requests a page move to the page at the specified zero-based index.
Public methodMoveToPreviousPage
Moves to the page before the current page.
Public methodNotifyRowExpanded
This method is used to notify the template, that a row is expanded, while event dispatch is suspended.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnBindingContextChanged (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnCreateRowInfo (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(String)
Raises the PropertyChanged event
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs) (Overrides GridViewTemplateOnNotifyPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPageChanged
Protected methodOnPageChanging
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging(String) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging(PropertyChangingEventArgsEx)
Raises the PropertyChanging event. Note: This method is called even when the notifications are suspended.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnViewChanged(DataViewChangedEventArgs) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodOnViewChanged(Object, DataViewChangedEventArgs) (Overrides GridViewTemplateOnViewChanged(Object, DataViewChangedEventArgs).)
Public methodPaste
Paste the contents of the System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard to the current view.
Protected methodPasteDataToNewRow
Protected methodPasteDataToRow
Protected methodPostProcessEventCore (Overrides GridViewTemplatePostProcessEventCore(GridViewEvent).)
Protected methodPreProcessEventCore (Overrides GridViewTemplatePreProcessEventCore(GridViewEvent).)
Protected methodProcessColumnPropertyChangedEvent (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodProcessEventCore (Overrides GridViewTemplateProcessEventCore(GridViewEvent).)
Public methodRefresh
Refreshes this instance.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodRefresh(GridViewColumn)
Refreshes the specified affected columns.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodReset
Clears the Child templates, Relations, Columns, reset DataSource to null and AutoGenerateHierarchy property to its default value.
Protected methodResetCurrentColumn (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodResetCurrentRow (Overrides GridViewTemplateResetCurrentRow.)
Protected methodResumeEvent (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodSetEnableAlternatingRowColor (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodSetError(GridViewCellCancelEventArgs, Exception) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodSetError(GridViewCellCancelEventArgs, String) (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Public methodSetParent
Sets the parent for this template. Never use this method directly. Instead, add the template to its parent's collection.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodSetPosition
Protected methodSetPositionCore
Protected methodCode exampleSetPropertyT
General method for setting the value of the field related to the property that is modified. This method confirms that the old and new values are different, then fires the PropertyChanging event, then sets the given value to the supplied field, and fires the PropertyChanged event. Note: If the PropertyChanging event is canceled, the last two actions are not performed.
(Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodSuspendEvent (Inherited from GridViewTemplate.)
Protected methodUnwireEvents (Overrides GridViewTemplateUnwireEvents.)
Protected methodWireEvents (Overrides GridViewTemplateWireEvents.)
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