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LineSeriesDrawPart Methods

The LineSeriesDrawPart type exposes the following members.

Public methodDraw
Draws the series.
(Inherited from ChartSeriesDrawPart.)
Protected methodDrawArea
Draws the area.
(Inherited from ChartPointSeriesDrawPart.)
Protected methodDrawLine
Draws the line.
(Overrides CartesianSeriesDrawPartDrawLine.)
Protected methodDrawPoints
Draws the points.
(Overrides ChartPointSeriesDrawPartDrawPoints.)
Public methodDrawSeriesParts
Draws the series parts.
(Overrides ChartSeriesDrawPartDrawSeriesParts.)
Public methodGetLabelPosition
Gets the label position.
(Inherited from DrawPartT.)
Protected methodGetLinePath
Gets the line path.
(Overrides ChartPointSeriesDrawPartGetLinePath.)
Protected methodGetLinePaths
Gets the line paths.
Protected methodGetPointLocation
Gets the point location.
(Inherited from CartesianSeriesDrawPart.)
Protected methodGetPointsPositionsArray
Gets the points positions array.
(Overrides ChartPointSeriesDrawPartGetPointsPositionsArray.)
Protected methodGetPointsPositionsArrays
Gets the points positions arrays.
Public methodHitTest
Returns the DataPoint that hits the location.
(Inherited from ChartPointSeriesDrawPart.)
Protected methodIsElementValid
Determines whether the element is valid.
(Inherited from ChartSeriesDrawPart.)
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