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IRowView Methods

The IRowView type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginUpdate
Begins batch update of the items.
Public methodDetach
Dataches the view from its owner.
(Inherited from IGridView.)
Public methodDisplayedColumnCount
Returns the number of columns displayed to the user.
Public methodDisplayedRowCount
Returns the number of rows displayed to the user.
Public methodEndUpdate
Ends batch update of the items.
Public methodEndUpdate(Boolean)
Ends batch update of the items.
Public methodEnsureCellVisible
Ensures that the specified cell is visible.
Public methodEnsureRowVisible
Ensures that the specified row is visible.
Public methodGetCellElement
Gets a cell based on corresponding GridViewRowInfo and GridViewColumn
Public methodGetRowElement
Gets the row's visual element based on the corresponding GridViewRowInfo
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the view with an instance of the GridViewTemplate.
(Inherited from IGridView.)
Public methodInvalidateCell
Invalidates a single cell
Public methodInvalidateRow
Invalidates a row
Public methodIsRowVisible
Gets a value indicating whether the row is visible
Public methodUpdateView
Explicitly synchonizes the view with its owner.
(Inherited from IGridView.)
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