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GridViewSummaryItem Methods

The GridViewSummaryItem type exposes the following members.

Public methodEvaluate
Public methodGetSummaryExpression
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged(String)
Raises the PropertyChanged event
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs) (Overrides NotifyPropertyBaseOnPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging(String)
Raises the PropertyChanging event
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging(PropertyChangingEventArgsEx)
Raises the PropertyChanging event. Note: This method is called even when the notifications are suspended.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging(String, Object, Object)
Raises the PropertyChanging event
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodProcessPropertyChanged
This method is called right befor the PropertyChanged event is fired.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodProcessPropertyChanging
This method is called right before the PropertyChanging event is fired. Note: If IsSuspended is true, this method is not called.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Public methodResumeNotifications (Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Public methodResumeNotifications(Boolean) (Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Protected methodCode exampleSetPropertyT
General method for setting the value of the field related to the property that is modified. This method confirms that the old and new values are different, then fires the PropertyChanging event, then sets the given value to the supplied field, and fires the PropertyChanged event. Note: If the PropertyChanging event is canceled, the last two actions are not performed.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
Public methodSuspendNotifications (Inherited from NotifyPropertyBase.)
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