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GridRowBehavior Methods

The GridRowBehavior type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCanEnterEditMode
Determines whether this instance [can enter edit mode] the specified row info.
Public methodCanResizeRow
Determines whether this instance [can resize row] the specified current location.
Public methodDispose
Protected methodGetCellAtPoint
Gets the cell at point.
Protected methodGetExpanderPrimitive
Gets the expander primitive.
Protected methodGetKeyboardNavigationContext
Protected methodGetMouseNavigationContext
Gets the mouse navigation context.
Protected methodGetRowAtPoint
Gets the row at point.
Protected methodGetTableElementAtPoint
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the IGridBehavior with the specified RadGridViewElement
(Inherited from GridBehaviorImpl.)
Protected methodIsOnFirstCell
Determines whether [is on first cell].
Protected methodIsOnLastCell
Determines whether [is on last cell].
Public methodOnClick
Occurs when the RadGridView is clicked.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnClick(EventArgs).)
Public methodOnContextMenu
Occurs when the context menu of the RadGridView needs to be shown
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnContextMenu(MouseEventArgs).)
Public methodOnDoubleClick
Occurs when the RadGridView is double-clicked.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnDoubleClick(EventArgs).)
Public methodOnMouseDoubleClick (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseDoubleClick(MouseEventArgs).)
Public methodOnMouseDown (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseDown(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseDownLeft
Occurs when the mouse pointer is over the RadGridView and the left mouse button is pressed.
Protected methodOnMouseDownRight
Occurs when the mouse pointer is over the RadGridView and the right mouse button is pressed.
Public methodOnMouseEnter (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseEnter(EventArgs).)
Public methodOnMouseLeave (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseLeave(EventArgs).)
Public methodOnMouseMove (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs).)
Public methodOnMouseUp (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnMouseUpLeft
Protected methodOnMouseUpRight
Public methodOnMouseWheel (Overrides GridBehaviorImplOnMouseWheel(MouseEventArgs).)
Protected methodProcessAddKey
Processes the Add key
Protected methodProcessAlphaNumericKey
Processes the alpha-numeric keys
Protected methodProcessDeleteKey
Processes the Delete key
Protected methodProcessDownKey
Processes the Down key
Protected methodProcessEndKey
Processes the End key
Protected methodProcessEnterKey
Processes the Enter key
Protected methodProcessEscapeKey
Processes the Escape key
Protected methodProcessF2Key
Processes the F2 key
Protected methodProcessHomeKey
Processes the Home key
Protected methodProcessInsertKey
Processes the Insert key
Public methodProcessKey
Processes key events in RadGridView.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplProcessKey(KeyEventArgs).)
Public methodProcessKeyDown
Processes key down events in RadGridView.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplProcessKeyDown(KeyEventArgs).)
Public methodProcessKeyPress
Processes key press events in RadGridView.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplProcessKeyPress(KeyPressEventArgs).)
Public methodProcessKeyUp
Processes key up events in RadGridView.
(Overrides GridBehaviorImplProcessKeyUp(KeyEventArgs).)
Protected methodProcessLeftKey
Processes the Left key
Protected methodProcessMouseSelection
Protected methodProcessPageDownKey
Processes the PageDown key
Protected methodProcessPageUpKey
Processes the PageUp key
Protected methodProcessRightKey
Processes the Right key
Protected methodProcessSpaceKey
Processes the Space key
Protected methodProcessSubtractKey
Processes the Subtract key
Protected methodProcessTabKey
Processes the Tab key
Protected methodProcessUnhandledKeys
Processes keys that are not handled by ProcessKey methoes
Protected methodProcessUpKey
Processes the Up key
Protected methodResetControlCursor
Resets the control cursor.
Protected methodResetFieldValues
Resets the field values.
Protected methodResizeRow
Resizes the row.
Protected methodSelectNextControl
Selects the next control.
Protected methodSelectPositionOnMouseDownLeft
Protected methodShowSizeNSCursort
Shows the size NS cursort.
Protected methodValidateOnUserInput
Validates the on user input.
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