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DesktopAlertManager Methods

The DesktopAlertManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddAlert
Registers an instance of the RadDesktopAlertand displays it on the screen according to its
Public methodContainsAlert
Evaluates whether a given RadDesktopAlert is registered with the DesktopAlertManager.
Public methodGetAlertPopupLocation
Gets an instance of the Pointstruct that represents the location of the current alert according to its screen position setting and the currently opened alerts.
Public methodGetRegisteredAlerts
Gets an enumerator for the currently shown dekstop alerts.
Public methodRemoveAlert
Unregisters a desktop alert from the manager.
Public methodSetActiveScreen
Sets the active screen. The active screen is used to calculate the positioning of all desktop alerts.
Public methodUpdateAlertsOrder
Recalculates the location of all opened alerts based on their screen position.
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