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CartesianRenderer Methods

The CartesianRenderer type exposes the following members.

Protected methodContainWithinChartArea
Returns the offset value considering whether it is contained within the chart area.
Public methodDraw
Draws the specified context.
(Overrides ChartRendererDraw(Object).)
Public methodGetAxisOffset
Gets the axis offset.
Public methodGetDistanceBetweenPoints
Gets the distance between points.
(Inherited from ChartRenderer.)
Public methodHitTest
Returns the DataPoint that hits the x,y coordinates.
(Overrides ChartRendererHitTest(Int32, Int32).)
Protected methodInitialize
Initializes the renderer.
(Overrides ChartRendererInitialize.)
Protected methodInitializeAnnotations
Initializes the annotations.
Protected methodInitializeAxes
Initializes the axes.
Protected methodInitializeGrid
Initializes the grid.
Protected methodInitializeSeries
Initializes the series.
Protected methodInitializeSeriesLabels
Initializes the series labels.
Public methodInvalidate
Invalidates the specified model.
(Inherited from ChartRenderer.)
Public methodMeasureRotatedLabels
Measures the rotated labels.
(Inherited from ChartRenderer.)
Public methodMeasureText
Measures the text.
(Inherited from ChartRenderer.)
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