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BaseGridPrintRenderer Methods

The BaseGridPrintRenderer type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCreateDataCellPrintElement
Creates a data print cell element.
Protected methodCreateGroupCellPrintElement
Creates a group print cell element.
Protected methodCreateHeaderCellPrintElement
Creates a header print cell element.
Protected methodCreateImageCellPrintElement
Creates an image print cell element.
Protected methodCreateSummaryCellPrintElement
Creates a summary print cell element.
Public methodDrawPage
Renders a whole page using the settings provided.
Protected methodGetCellDesiredSize
Gets the cell's desired width
Protected methodGetDataRowHeight
Gets the height of a given data row taking into account if the grid AutoSizeRows property is true.
Protected methodOnChildViewPrinting
Occurs for hierarchy rows with more than one child views.
Protected methodOnPrintCellFormatting
Occurs for each cell that is being printed.
Protected methodOnPrintCellPaint
Occurs after a cell is being formatted and painted.
Public methodReset
Resets the print style for subsequent use.
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