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ThemeSourceCollection Methods

The ThemeSourceCollection type exposes the following members.

Public methodAdd

Adds a ThemeSource with the specified value to the ThemeSourceCollection .

Public methodAddRange(ThemeSource)

Copies the elements of an array to the end of the ThemeSourceCollection.

Public methodAddRange(ThemeSourceCollection)

Adds the contents of another ThemeSourceCollection to the end of the collection.

Public methodContains

Gets a value indicating whether the ThemeSourceCollection contains the specified ThemeSource.

Public methodCopyTo

Copies the ThemeSourceCollection values to a one-dimensional Array instance at the specified index.

Public methodGetEnumerator

Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the ThemeSourceCollection .

Public methodIndexOf

Returns the index of a ThemeSource in the ThemeSourceCollection .

Public methodInsert

Inserts a ThemeSource into the ThemeSourceCollection at the specified index.

Protected methodOnClearComplete (Overrides CollectionBaseOnClearComplete.)
Protected methodOnInsertComplete (Overrides CollectionBaseOnInsertComplete(Int32, Object).)
Protected methodOnRemoveComplete (Overrides CollectionBaseOnRemoveComplete(Int32, Object).)
Protected methodOnSetComplete (Overrides CollectionBaseOnSetComplete(Int32, Object, Object).)
Public methodRemove

Removes a specific ThemeSource from the ThemeSourceCollection .

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