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NameSelector Methods

The NameSelector type exposes the following members.

Public methodApply (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public methodCanSelect (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Protected methodCanSelectCore (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public methodCanSelectIgnoringConditions (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Protected methodCanSelectOverride (Overrides SelectorBaseCanSelectOverride(RadObject).)
Public methodEquals (Overrides SelectorBaseEquals(IElementSelector).)
Protected methodFindElements (Inherited from HierarchicalSelector.)
Public methodGetBehaviors (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Protected methodGetKey (Overrides SelectorBaseGetKey.)
Public methodGetSelectedElements
Retrieves the selected elements of the given element.
(Inherited from HierarchicalSelector.)
Public methodStatic memberGetSelectorKey
Public methodIsValueApplied
Retrieves a value indicating whether value is set for the element.
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public methodIsValueUnapplied (Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public methodShouldUnapply
Retrieves a value indicating whether the customization should be un-applied to the given element..
(Inherited from SelectorBase.)
Public methodToString (Overrides ObjectToString.)
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