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ILayoutEngine Methods

The ILayoutEngine type exposes the following members.

Public methodCheckSize
Retrieves check size structure.
Public methodGetBorderOffset
Retrieves Border offset.
Public methodGetBorderSize
Retrieves border size.
Public methodGetChildBorderSize
Retrieves the border size of its child.
Public methodGetFaceRectangle
Gets the face rectangle.
Public methodGetParentPadding
Retrieves parent's padding.
Public methodGetPreferredSize
Public methodGetPreferredSizeCore
Public methodGetTransformationPoint
Retrieves transformation point. The point is a Point structure.
Public methodInvalidateCachedBorder
Invalidates the cached border.
Public methodInvalidateLayout
Invalidates layout - needs redrawing.
Public methodIsValidWrapElement
Retrieves a value indicating whether the element is valid wrap element.
Public methodLayoutPropertyChanged
Public methodPerformLayout
Public methodPerformLayoutCore
Public methodPerformParentLayout
Public methodPerformRegisteredSuspendedLayouts
Performs registered suspended layout.
Public methodRegisterChildSuspendedLayout
Public methodRegisterLayoutRunning
Public methodSetCoercedSize
Sets coerced size taken as parameter.
Public methodSetLayoutInvalidated
Public methodTransformByAlignment
Retrieves transformation by alignment point using size and inner bounds.
Public methodUnregisterLayoutRunning
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