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RadCollectionViewTDataItem Methods

The RadCollectionViewTDataItem generic type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginUpdate
Suspends event notification.
Public methodClearThreadedFilterNodes
Public methodContains
Determines whether [contains] [the specified item].
Public methodContainsGroup
Determines whether the specified group is present within this view.
Public methodCopyTo
Copies to array.
Public methodDeferRefresh
Defers the refresh.
Public methodEndUpdate
Resumes event notification.
Public methodEndUpdate(Boolean)
Resumes event notification.
Public methodEnsureDescriptors
Protected methodEnsurePageIndex
Ensures the index of the page is within the valid pages range.
Public methodEvaluate(String, IEnumerableTDataItem)
Evaluates the specified expression.
Public methodEvaluate(String, TDataItem)
Evaluates the specified expression.
Public methodEvaluate(String, Int32, Int32)
Evaluates the specified expression.
Public methodFilterEvaluate
Public methodFind
Finds the specified item index.
Public methodFindGroup
Searches the Groups collection for a match, using the Keys in the provided group.
Public methodGetEnumerator
Protected methodGetFieldValue
Public methodGetItemPage
Public methodIndexOf
Indexes the of.
Protected methodInitializeSource
Public methodLazyRefresh
This method is used internally.
Public methodLoadData
Loads the data.
Public methodMoveCurrentTo
Moves the current to.
Public methodMoveCurrentToFirst
Moves the current to first.
Public methodMoveCurrentToLast
Moves the current to last.
Public methodMoveCurrentToNext
Moves the current to next.
Public methodMoveCurrentToPosition
Moves the current to position.
Public methodMoveCurrentToPrevious
Moves the current to previous.
Public methodMoveToFirstPage
Sets the first page as the current page.
Public methodMoveToLastPage
Sets the last page as the current page.
Public methodMoveToNextPage
Moves to the page after the current page.
Public methodMoveToPage
Requests a page move to the page at the specified zero-based index.
Public methodMoveToPreviousPage
Moves to the page before the current page.
Protected methodOnCollectionChanged
Protected methodOnCurrentChanged
Protected methodOnCurrentChanging
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged
Raises the NotifyPropertyChanged event
Protected methodOnPageChanged
Fires the PageChanged event.
Protected methodOnPageChanging
Fires the PageChanging event. Returns the value of the Cancel event argument.
Public methodPassesFilter
Passeses the filter.
Protected methodProcessCollectionChanged
Public methodRefresh
Refreshes this data view.
Protected methodRefreshOverride
Protected methodSetCurrentPositionCore(Int32, Boolean)
The core update routine for the current position.
Protected methodSetCurrentPositionCore(Int32, Boolean, CurrentChangeReason)
Public methodTryEvaluate(String, IEnumerableTDataItem, Object)
This method is used internally.
Public methodTryEvaluate(String, IEnumerableTDataItem, Int32, Object)
Try to evaluate the specified expression.
Protected methodVersionUpdateNeeded
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