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MarginsConverter Methods

The MarginsConverter type exposes the following members.

Public methodCanConvertFrom
Checks the possibility to convert from a different object type
(Overrides TypeConverterCanConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext, Type).)
Public methodConvertFrom
Converts the given object to the ChartMargins, using the specified context and culture information.
(Overrides TypeConverterConvertFrom(ITypeDescriptorContext, CultureInfo, Object).)
Public methodConvertTo (Overrides TypeConverterConvertTo(ITypeDescriptorContext, CultureInfo, Object, Type).)
Public methodCreateInstance
Creates an instance of the type that this MarginsConverter is associated with, using the specified context, given a set of property values for the object.
(Overrides TypeConverterCreateInstance(ITypeDescriptorContext, IDictionary).)
Public methodGetCreateInstanceSupported
Returns whether changing a value on this object requires a call to System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter.CreateInstance(System.Collections.IDictionary) to create a new value, using the specified context.
(Overrides TypeConverterGetCreateInstanceSupported(ITypeDescriptorContext).)
Public methodGetProperties
Returns a collection of properties for the type of array specified by the value parameter, using the specified context and attributes.
(Overrides TypeConverterGetProperties(ITypeDescriptorContext, Object, Attribute).)
Public methodGetPropertiesSupported
Returns whether this object supports properties, using the specified context.
(Overrides TypeConverterGetPropertiesSupported(ITypeDescriptorContext).)
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