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MarginsConverterCreateInstance Method
Creates an instance of the type that this MarginsConverter is associated with, using the specified context, given a set of property values for the object.

Namespace: Telerik.Charting.Styles
Assembly: Telerik.WinControls.RadChart (in Telerik.WinControls.RadChart.dll) Version: 2018.3.1016.40 (2018.3.1016.40)
public override Object CreateInstance(
	ITypeDescriptorContext context,
	IDictionary propertyValues


Type: System.ComponentModelITypeDescriptorContext
An System.ComponentModel.ITypeDescriptorContext that provides a format context.
Type: System.CollectionsIDictionary
An System.Collections.IDictionary of new property values.

Return Value

Type: Object
An System.Object representing the given System.Collections.IDictionary, or null if the object cannot be created.
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