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ApocDriverRender Method (XmlDocument, Stream)
Executes the conversion reading the source tree from the supplied XmlDocument, converting it to a format dictated by the renderer and writing it to the supplied output stream.

Namespace: Telerik.Apoc
Assembly: TelerikData (in TelerikData.dll) Version: 2018.3.1016.40 (2018.3.1016.40)
public virtual void Render(
	XmlDocument doc,
	Stream outputStream


Type: System.XmlXmlDocument
An in-memory representation of an XML document (DOM).
Type: System.IOStream
Any subclass of the Stream class.


IDriverRender(XmlDocument, Stream)
Any exceptions that occur during the render process are arranged into three categories: information, warning and error. You may intercept any or all of theses exceptional states by registering an event listener. See OnError for an example of registering an event listener. If there are no registered listeners, the exceptions are dumped to standard out - except for the error event which is wrapped in a SystemException.
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