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HtmlContainer Events

The HtmlContainer type exposes the following members.

Public eventImageLoad
Raised when an image is about to be loaded by file path or URI.
This event allows to provide the image manually, if not handled the image will be loaded from file or download from URI.
Public eventLinkClicked
Raised when the user clicks on a link in the html.
Allows canceling the execution of the link.
Public eventLoadComplete
Raised when the set html document has been fully loaded.
Allows manipulation of the html dom, scroll position, etc.
Public eventRefresh
Raised when html renderer requires refresh of the control hosting (invalidation and re-layout).
Public eventRenderError
Raised when an error occurred during html rendering.
Public eventScrollChange
Raised when Html Renderer request scroll to specific location.
This can occur on document anchor click.
Public eventStylesheetLoad
Raised when a stylesheet is about to be loaded by file path or URI by link element.
This event allows to provide the stylesheet manually or provide new source (file or Uri) to load from.
If no alternative data is provided the original source will be used.
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