Item Content

This article explains how a content can be set to each of the rating items.

The RadRatingItem can have a content: from simple text to a very compex objects. To set the content of the items, however, they must be added manually and not through the AutoGeneratedItemsCount property. Here is an example of how the values can be added as a content to make it easier for the end-user to select the desired rating value:

    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="1"/>
    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="2"/>
    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="3"/>
    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="4"/>
    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="5"/>
    <telerikInput:RadRatingItem Content="6"/>

Here is the result:

Rating-Item Content

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