This help article shows how to change properties of the RadPagination control.

  • PageProvider (Selector): Gets or sets the current instance targeted by this pagination control.
  • DisplayMode: Gets or sets a value that indicates which parts of the control are currently visible. The available values are:
    • Arrows
    • ArrowsAndIndex
      Arrows And Index
    • ArrowsAndThumbnails
      Arrows And Thumbnails
    • IndexLabel
      Index Label
    • Thumbnails
    • ThumbnailsAndIndex
      Thumbnails And Index
  • ListItemTemplate (DataTemplate): Gets or sets the instance that defines the appearance of the items within the list control.


    The following example shows how to bind the RadPagination.ListItems property to the items of a FlipView.

    Here is the code behind:

    public class ViewModel
        public object ImagePath { get; set; }
    public MainPage()
        List<ViewModel> pictures = new List<ViewModel>()
            new ViewModel{ImagePath="MyPicture1.png"},
            new ViewModel{ImagePath="MyPicture2.png"},
            new ViewModel{ImagePath="MyPicture3.png"},
            new ViewModel{ImagePath="MyPicture4.png"},
            new ViewModel{ImagePath="MyPicture5.png"}
        MyFlipview.ItemsSource = pictures;

    And here is the XAML code:

    <FlipView x:Name="MyFlipview" Height="200" Width="500" >
                <Image Source="{Binding ImagePath}"/>
    <telerik:RadPaginationControl x:Name="pagination"  Height="75" Margin="300"  PageProvider="{Binding ElementName=MyFlipview}">
                    <Image Source="{Binding ImagePath}"/>

    Result: Pagination Items Control Template Example

  • LeftArrowTemplate (DataTemplate): Gets or sets the instance that defines the appearance of the left arrow of the control.


    Left Arrow Template

  • RightArrowTemplate (DataTemplate): Gets or sets the instance that defines the appearance of the right arrow of the control.

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