Telerik Named Brushes

Here are listed all Telerik named brushes that define the appearance of the RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker controls. To see how to use them, first you have to read this section: Telerik Named Brushes

All resources are of type SolidColorBrush.


Brushes that affect the RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker controls are listed below. The x:Key of the SolidColorBrush should be set to the brush name, and the changes are shown with Green on the images.

Picker - Normal state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPBackground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerForegroundBrush:
    TDTPForeground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerBorderBrush:
    TDTPBorder Brush

Picker - Hover state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerPointerOverBackgroundBrush:
    TDPTItem Pointer Over Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerItemPointerOverBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPPointer Over Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerPointerOverBorderBrush:
    TDTPPointer Over Border Brush

Picker - Pressed state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerPressedBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPPressed Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerPressedBorderBrush:
    TDTPPressed Border Brush

Picker - Focused state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerFocusedBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPFocused Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerFocusedBorderBrush:
    TDTPFocused Border Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerFocusedForegroundBrush:
    TDTPFocused Foreground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerItemFocusedBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPItem Focused Background Brush

Picker - Disabled state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerDisabledBackgroundBrush: TDTPDisabled Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerDisabledBorderBrush:
    TDTPDisabled Border Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerDisabledForegroundBrush:
    TDTPDisabled Foreground Brush

Selector Popup - Normal state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorForegroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Foreground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorBorderBrush:
    TDTPSelector Border Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorItemBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Item Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorItemForegroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Item Foreground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorItemSelectedBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Item Selected Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorItemSelectedForegroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Item Selected Foreground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonForegroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Foreground Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonBorderBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Border Brush

Selector Popup - Hover state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonPointerOverBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Pointer Over Background Brush

Selector Popup - Pressed state

  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonPressedBackgroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Pressed Background Brush
  • TelerikDateTimePickerSelectorButtonPressedForegroundBrush:
    TDTPSelector Button Pressed Foreground Brush

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