Keyboard Support

Telerik’s RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker controls respond to keyboard input similar to the way you’d expect any other Windows control to respond.

Supported Keys

Here are listed all keyboard keys supported by RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker control and the actions they perform:

  • TAB key - Focuses the inline part (picker).
  • Enter key - Opens the Selector Popup part.
  • Tab key or Left/Right Arrow key - Moves through the selector items and expands the corresponding list used for selecting a value.
  • Up/Down Arrow key - Makes a selection within the currently expanded list.
  • Enter/Escape key (valid only for Standard Mode) - Commits/Cancels the selection.

Selector Part - Keyboard Input

RadDatePicker and RadTimePicker supports keyboard input per expanded list in the Inline Display Mode and in the Inline Part of the Standart Display Mode.

The input string resets to Empty one second after no character is typed. After each typed character, the expanded list is navigates instantly.


The following table shows sample string inputs and the result in an expanded Year List in RadDatePicker. 2 Key Board Inputs Table

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