Get Row Item and DataGridCellInfo Item from a Physical Point

The following article shows an example of how to get Row item or DataGridCellInfo item from a physical point.

First, create a RadDataGrid.

<telerikGrid:RadDataGrid PointerMoved="DataGrid_PointerMoved" />

When the pointer moves, you will get the current Row item and the DataGridCellInfo item through the PointerMoved event.

private void DataGrid_PointerMoved(object sender, PointerRoutedEventArgs e)
    var physicalPoint = e.GetCurrentPoint(sender as RadDataGrid);
    var point = new Point { X = physicalPoint.Position.X, Y = physicalPoint.Position.Y };
    var row = (sender as RadDataGrid).HitTestService.RowItemFromPoint(point);
    var cell = (sender as RadDataGrid).HitTestService.CellInfoFromPoint(point);
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