Getting Started

RadDataBoundListBox allows you to bind a large amount of data to a list box with experiencing optimized performance. For example, you can bind the control to a collection of 1000 and more items.

Since version Q1 2015 the RadDataBoundListBox needs the following assemblies:

  • Telerik.Core.dll
  • Telerik.Data.dll
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Primitives.dll
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Data.dll

If you use a version prior to Q1 2015, you will have to add reference to the following assemblies:

  • Telerik.Core.dll
  • Telerik.UI.Xaml.Primitives.dll

Alternatively, you can add a reference to Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform SDK.

After adding reference to the dlls, you can declare a new RadDataBoundListBox as any normal control. To use RadDataBoundListBox in XAML you have to add the following namespace declaration:


Here is the control declaration:

<telerikDataControls:RadDataBoundListBox x:Name="radDataBoundListBox" Height="200" Width="180"/>

RadDataBoundListBox accepts IEnumerable as items source.

ObservableCollection<string> months = new ObservableCollection<string>();
foreach (string monthName in DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.MonthNames)

this.radDataBoundListBox.ItemsSource = months;

Here is a snapshot of the result.

Getting Started Example

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