Label Strategy

When you want to fully customize the labels of your chart, you can use Label Strategy to override the labels' appearance, content and layout.


In order to use Label Strategy you have to greate a class inheriting the ChartSeriesLabelStrategy class and specify the LabelStrategyOptions you wish to customize, and override their corresponding methods.

Here are listed all LabelStrategyOptions:

  • DefaultVisual: The strategy will provide a custom visual element for each label. You have to override the CreateDefaultVisual method.

  • Measure: The strategy will provide custom measurement logic for each label. You have to override the GetLabelDesiredSize method.

  • Content: The strategy will provide custom content for each label. You have to override the GetLabelContent method. You can also override the SetLabelContent method used for UI virtualization and allows to reuse label content when panning and zooming.

  • Arrange: The strategy will provide custom arrange logic for each label. You have to override the GetLabelLayoutSlot method.

For example:

public LabelStrategyOptions options = LabelStrategyOptions.DefaultVisual | LabelStrategyOptions.Measure;

Or you can assign all values:

public LabelStrategyOptions options = LabelStrategyOptions.All;


You can use the Bar Series article to see how to create a chart with bar series.

Here is the custom label strategy:

public class BarLabelStrategy : ChartSeriesLabelStrategy
    private readonly LabelStrategyOptions options = LabelStrategyOptions.DefaultVisual | LabelStrategyOptions.Measure;

    public override LabelStrategyOptions Options
            return this.options;

    public override FrameworkElement CreateDefaultVisual(DataPoint point, int labelIndex)
        var series = point.Presenter as ChartSeries;

        return new Ellipse()
            Stroke = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Green),
            Fill = series.Chart.Palette.GetBrush(point.CollectionIndex, PaletteVisualPart.Fill)

    public override RadSize GetLabelDesiredSize(DataPoint point, FrameworkElement visual, int labelIndex)
        return new RadSize(10, 10);

If you use elements that do not have desired size you have to override the GetLabelDesiredSize method.

Here is how you can use the strategy with your Bar Series:

    <chart:ChartSeriesLabelDefinition HorizontalAlignment="Center" Margin="0,0,0,10" >



Here is the result:

Chart Label Strategy Option

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