Categorical Axis

The CategoricalAxis extends the base CartesianAxis class and is used to displays a range of categories. Categories are built depending on the Category value of each CategoricalDataPoint present in the owning CategoricalSeries chart series. The axis is divided into discrete slots and each data point is visualized in the slot corresponding to its categorical value.


CategoricalAxis class inherits from the CartesianAxis class - See the inherited properties.

The following properties are specific for the CategoricalAxis:

  • AutoGroup (bool): Determines whether the axis will perform its own grouping logic (true), or it will consider each data point as a new group (false).
  • GapLength (double): Defines the distance (in logical units) between two adjacent categories. Default is 0.3. For example if you have two BarSeries combined in Cluster mode, you can remove the space between the bars by setting the GapLength property to 0.
  • MajorTickInterval (int): Defines the step at which major ticks are generated. The default value is 1. This property will also affect axis labels as they are generated on a per major tick basis.
  • PlotMode: Defines the strategy used to position data points along the axis category slots. Three possible values are available:
    • BetweenTicks: Data points are positioned in the middle of the range defined between two adjacent ticks.
    • OnTicks: Data points are positioned over each tick.
    • OnTicksPadded: Data points are positioned over each tick with half a step padding applied on both ends of the axis.
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