Visual Structure

The following topic describes all the visual elements and terms used in a standard RadCalendar control.

Visual Structure

Calendar-Visual Structure


  • SelectedCell: This is the currently focused cell.
  • CurrentCell: This is the currently focused cell.
  • BlackoutCells: These are cells that can not be selected.


The RadCalendar control has four view modes:

  • MonthView: the user can select a day from the currently displayed month.
  • YearView: the user can navigate to a month from the currently displayed year.
  • DecadeView: the user can navigate to a year from the currently displayed decade.
  • CenturyView: the user can navigate to a decade from the currently displayed century.

Switching to upper view is done through the Navigation control, and to lower view - by selecting item in the current view.

Through the Navigation control the user can easily switch between the different views(or swipe gesture as well): It contains the following controls:

  • Header: Clicking on the Header navigates to upper view: MonthView -> YearView -> DecadeView -> CenturyView.
  • Previous/NextButton: change the currently displayed:
    • Month: in MonthView
    • Year: in YearView
    • Decade: in DecadeView
    • Century: in CenturyView
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