Progress Telerik UI for Silverlight Extension options dialog provides settings, so you can configure the extension to best suit your needs.

It can be accessed through the Visual Studio | Telerik | VSExtensions Options… menu.

VSExtentions Options Dialog Menu

The Options dialog contains two sets of options that affect the Telerik UI for Silverlight.

VSExtentions Options Dialog General

The settings under the General category affect all of the installed Telerik Visual Studio Extensions.

Project Setup

Add referenced assemblies to solution and source control - Sets the default value for the Add referenced assemblies to solution option in the Project Configuration Wizard

Project Upgrade Notifications for Detected Local Distributions

Suggest project upgrades for Telerik product version available on my computer: When enabled, you will be prompted to upgrade upon opening a project, which is not using the latest version of Telerik UI for Silverlight installed on your system

Suggest upgrades when an equal Dev release is detected on projects using a Trial: When enabled, you will be prompted to upgrade if a licensed version of Telerik UI for Silverlight is available on your system, but the current project uses a trial version

Select a Folder for Downloads

Configures the path where the extensions look for and store distributions.

Changing the folder path will not move existing folder contents from your previous path. Please, move your previous folder contents manually in case you still want to use them.

Silverlight Options

All settings under the Telerik UI for Silverlight category affect only the Telerik Silverlight projects.

VSExtensions Options Dialog Product Specific

Latest Version Retrieval

Include internal builds in Latest Version update and retrieval: When enabled, the Latest Version Acquirer tool will retrieve internal builds as well as official releases when checking for a new version.


Show me a message when a newer version is available on www.telerik.com: When enabled, you will receive notifications if a new version of Telerik UI for Silverlight is available on the Telerik website.

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