Automatic Dependency Resolving

To improve the experience of your clients and boost your application’s initial load time it is crucial to use only the subset of Telerik UI for Silverlight assemblies you really need, as described in the Installation and Deployment Section.

Some controls require multiple assemblies and mistakes are not unlikely to happen. For example, in the urge to optimize load times, you could remove an assembly the project needs, thus breaking the application compilation.

When using the New Project Wizard or Project Configuration Wizard, the possibility to make such mistakes is lowered to a minimum, thanks to the dependency analysis in the Visual Studio Extensions.

Project Configuration Wizard

The VSExtensions assembly list control is controlled by the dependency analyzer, which won’t let you select Telerik UI for Silverlight assemblies without selecting the assemblies they depend on. Both the aspects are covered:

  • Selecting a Telerik UI assembly will also select the additional assemblies it depends on as well.

  • Deselecting a Telerik UI assembly will also deselect assemblies depending on it along with it.

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