Using IntelliSense in Visual Studio

Visual Studio automatically enables IntelliSense - it detects all classes, properties and methods in the DLL file.

Using IntelliSense when Declaring Namespace

When declaring a namespace you can select from the IntelliSense in XAML any of the available namespaces:
Common Installing Namespace Declaration 012

For more information about declaring namespaces read here.

Using IntelliSense when Adding/Configuring Controls in XAML

When you add a new control (or configure an existing one) in the XAML, Visual Studio will automatically show a dropdown with suggestions for autocomplete. For example, see the next two figures.

Common Installing Using Intellisense 012

Common Installing Using Intellisense 013

Using IntelliSense in the code behind

In the code-behind, each time a particular class/property/method is being selected from the dropdown of the autocomplete functionality, a tooltip with the comment for this class/property/method is displayed.
Common Installing Using Intellisense 014

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