Modal Windows

RadWindow can be displayed in two modes - as a normal window or as a modal dialog window.

In the first case, the UI behind the RadWindow is still active. To open it as a normal window you have to call the Show() method of the RadWindow instance.

Example 1: Showing a window

RadWindow radWindow = new RadWindow(); 
Dim radWindow As New RadWindow() 

Showing RadWindow as a modal dialog

To show the window as a modal dialog call the ShowDialog() method. In this case, the UI behind the RadWindow gets inactive and cannot be used until the window is closed.

Example 2: Showing a dialog

RadWindow radWindow = new RadWindow(); 
Dim radWindow As New RadWindow() 

When opened as a modal dialog the RadWindow covers the UI behind it with a background. You can modify the color of this background via the ModalBackground property of the RadWindow.

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