This article describes the release history of the control.

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Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • The minimized RadWindow buttons are wider than they should be

  • Exception is thrown when you call Show() of RadWindow that is already opened

  • If the height of the browser is smaller then the RestrictedAreaMargin an ArgumentException is thrown

  • If in a RadWindow the first elements are two consecutive DateTimePicker controls and that Window is focused the application hangs

Q1 2013

What's New

  • Add Name="HeaderContent" to a Title ContentControl in the Windows7 theme

  • Make it possible to get the full position of a window and then be able to restore it (minimized, maximized, normal states)

  • Delete obsoleted RenderActive property from RadWindow

What's Fixed

  • Validation tooltip is misplaced on start up

  • Focusing RadWindows in OOB applications throws exception

  • FocusVisual border does not disappear from buttons when window is closed

  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown in a certain scenario when a RadWindow with WindowState set to Maximized is open through another RadWindow

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