Redirect To a Page From the Server Side

You can customize the RadUploadHandler to redirect the client to a certain page as soon as the upload is finished, by adding a RedirectPage RadUploadConstants.

In order to implement this scenario, you will need to override the GetAssociatedData method:

Example 1: Redirecting the client

public override Dictionary<string, object> GetAssociatedData() 
 Dictionary<string, object> associatedData = base.GetAssociatedData(); 
 if (this.IsFinalFileRequest()) 
  associatedData.Add(RadUploadConstants.RedirectPage, ""); 
  return associatedData; 
Public Overrides Function GetAssociatedData() As Dictionary(Of String, Object) 
 Dim associatedData As Dictionary(Of String, Object) = MyBase.GetAssociatedData() 
 If Me.IsFinalFileRequest() Then 
  associatedData.Add(RadUploadConstants.RedirectPage, "") 
 End If 
 Return associatedData 
End Function 
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