RadTaskBoard provides you with selection functionality, which allows the user to select a RadTaskBoardCard from the data displayed in the columns.

Users can select an item through the control's UI by clicking somewhere on a given task.

Figure 1: RadTaskBoard Selection

Telerik TaskBoard Selection 0

Disabling Selection

To disable the selection functionality you can set the CanUserSelect property to False.

This will disable the selection only for the end-user. It will still be possible to manipulate the selection programmatically.

Example 1: Set the CanUserSelect property in XAML

<telerik:RadTaskBoard x:Name="radTaskBoard" CanUserSelect="False" />     

Example 1: Set the CanUserSelect property in code-behind

this.radTaskBoard.CanUserSelect = false; 
Me.radTaskBoard.CanUserSelect = False 


The control exposes a SelectionChanged which is fired each time an item has been selected.

Example 2: Subscribing to the SelectionChanged event

private void SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e) 
    var selectedItem = e.AddedItems[0]; 
Private Sub SelectionChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SelectionChangedEventArgs) 
    Dim selectedItem = e.AddedItems(0) 
End Sub 
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