Selection Range

RadSlider supports the functionality of having two thumbs, thus enabling range selection. To enable the selection range you have to set the IsSelectionRangeEnabled property to true.

<telerik:RadSlider x:Name="slider" IsSelectionRangeEnabled="True" /> 

Modifying the range can be done either via the SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties or through the Selection property.

  • SelectionStart - sets the start of the selection range and is of type double

  • SelectionEnd- sets the end of the selection range and is of type double

<telerik:RadSlider IsSelectionRangeEnabled="True" SelectionStart="0.2" SelectionEnd="0.4" /> 
  • Selection - is of type SelectionRange and it sets Start and End double values to define the selection range

slider.Selection = new SelectionRange<double>(0.2, 0.4); 
slider.Selection = New SelectionRange(Of Double)(0.2, 0.4) 

With the QX 2014 release we exposed the MiddleThumbClickMode property. It controls the behavior of the thumbs defining the SelectionStart and SelectionStart properties of the control when you click on the selection range. This property is en enumeration exposing the following options:

  • None – clicking on the selection range will not affect the current selection of the control.

  • DecreaseNearestThumb – clicking on the selection range will move the nearest thumb towards the mouse pointer with value defined by the LargeChange property.

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