Grouping By TimeZone

RadScheduleView supports grouping by time zone. This can be achieved by adding a TimeZoneGroupDescription to the GroupDescriptionSource property of RadScheduleView:

<telerik:RadScheduleView AppointmentsSource="{Binding Appointments}" TimeZonesSource="{Binding TimeZones}"> 
      <telerik:DayViewDefinition /> 
      <telerik:WeekViewDefinition /> 
      <telerik:MonthViewDefinition  /> 
      <telerik:TimelineViewDefinition /> 
         <telerik:TimeZoneGroupDescription /> 
This type of grouping groups the appointments by their TimeZone property. One appointment cannot be displayed in two timezones.

Group By TimeZone

Grouping by TimeZone is not supported for MonthViewDefinition.

TimeZonesSource property

The displayed groups can be configured by the TimeZonesSource property of the control. This property can be bound to any collection of TimeZoneInfo objects. If this property is not set, the Time Zones that will be displayed are TimeZoneInfo.Local and TimeZoneInfo.Utc.

When the view is grouped by a TimeZone, the EditApointmentDialog will display the Start and End time converted to the corresponding TimeZone:

Group By TimeZone

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